Muskie ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams not playing this season

Back in July, Bob Swing made a comment to “never say never” in reference to whether the Muskie ‘B’ and ‘C’ football teams would exist this season.
Well, the football season is upon us and the shoulder pads and jerseys that are sitting in Fort High’s locker room for those teams will be collecting dust this year.
Sadly, those Grade 7 and 8 players that are interested and enjoy football will not be able to play the game that many Fort Frances natives before them have.
“I wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t for those feeder teams,” says Shane Beckett, who is the offensive co-ordinator for the Muskies and played for the University of Manitoba and University of Windsor during his playing days.
“There are kids that want to play and it’s so frustrating, because one of the reasons why this program has been so successful is that we’ve had the feeder systems,” Beckett added.
There’s a chance an exhibition game might be played against the Kenora Broncos’ ‘B’ team later in the year says Swing, but that seems slim, as no one has stepped up to the calling of running the team and the coaches for the high school team have their time spread thin as it is.
“I can only coach one team, and we have enough coaches for only one team,” says Swing.
Added Lou Gauthier, who is the defensive co-ordinator for the Muskies: “Somebody needs to step up.”
It’s uncertain how the non-existence of the ‘B’ and ‘C’ program will effect the Muskie high school team, but one thing is certain—they will be effected in a negative way.
“You won’t notice it now,” Beckett predicted, “but in three or four years you’ll definitely see it.”