Motocross riders fare well


A trio of local motocross racers put in impressive showings Saturday in Kakabeka Falls at the second-last tour stop of the year for the Northern Ontario Superior Dirt Riders motocross circuit.
Dylan Tessier of Devlin nabbed second place in the 85cc 12-16 age category, along with a third-place finish in the Super-minis.
Landon Flinders of Fort Frances was third in both the 65cc and 85cc seven-11 age divisions.
Cole Kreger of Emo took second in the MX3 Intermediate class while also finishing third in the Schoolboy division.
Other finishes included Blake Kreger of Emo placing 10th in the Super-minis while Alex Kreger was 11th and Dawson Pollard of Fort Frances was just behind.
Cael Anderson of Atikokan placed 13th in the MX3 Beginner division.
Joel Brigham of Atikokan nabbed fourth in the 85cc 12-16 age category.
In the 85 cc seven-11 age category, Alex Kreger finished sixth, Kali Tessier of Devlin was ninth, Blake Kreger was 10th, and Pollard placed 14th.
Brandon Croswell of Emo took fourth in the Schoolboy division while Anderson was fifth.
Kali Tessier grabbed a sixth-place finish in the 65cc seven-11 age category while Ozzy Hanson of Fort Frances was seventh.
And in the MX3 Open division, Trevor Croswell of Emo placed 12th, John Gavel of Emo was 14th, Brandon Croswell was 15th, and Cole Kreger placed 16th.
The Superior Dirt Riders’ final stop of the season is slated for Aug. 25 in Atikokan.