Mother Nature finally smiles on Emo Speedway

You can’t blame the stock car drivers for feeling a little antsy after inclement weather washed out the first two race nights of the season at the Emo Speedway.
Needless to say, their moods were buoyed when action finally got underway there Saturday night.
“It was really depressing and nerve-racking,” Rob Anderson said of the delay before he slid into his MOD-A car and drove to the grandstand for the driver introductions.
It was especially stressful for Anderson as this is his first year behind the steering wheel. “I’m really happy to get her going now,” he remarked.
So was everyone else.
“It was very depressing. It was bad. We waited for how many months to race and it rains out two weekends in a row,” said Joey Galloway. “You kind of get a little bit sad or whatever.”
“I think everyone is happy that we’re racing again,” echoed Ken Perry Sr.
The drivers also are looking to put on another good show for the spectators this year.
“First and foremost, you’ll get good racing here,” replied Perry when asked why people should come out to the races each Saturday night.
“If you don’t travel around or look around, then you don’t really know how good it is.
“But this is one of the better tracks around and is the best-prepared track around,” added Perry, who also mentioned the addition of lights (more will be added during the course of the season).
“It [the addition of the lights] makes for a better show,” he reasoned. “If a guy can see that there’s a problem going into the corner and slow down instead of piling into somebody, it makes for better racing.”
But isn’t the crashing one of the appeals of going to the races?
“The crashing and the banging is a high for everyone until you realize you’ve got to wait 15 or 20 minutes for them to clean up the mess,” Perry responded.
Another change that will be obvious to fans this season is the absence of the familiar high-pitched roar of the mini-sprints, which have been dropped due to a lack of cars.
Is there a perception that the drivers are just crazy fools who spend too much money to buy a car to drive around in circles?
“People go spend $20,000 on a boat and buy a cabin, and that’s what they do for their weekend,” said Galloway. “We think that they’re crazy to go boating while they think that we’re crazy because we race.
“It all comes down to what you like to do,” he reasoned.