Moose, partridge hunting ‘excellent’ here so far

As predicted by the Ministry of Natural Resources earlier this year, hunters in Northwestern Ontario are finding moose and partridge to be plentiful so far this season.
Several hunting parties already have bagged a moose just over two weeks into the season, and others are getting their daily limit of partridge each time they go out.
“We already have two moose this year, it’s been a good season. A lot have been taken so far,” long-time hunter Stan Hoard said yesterday afternoon.
“We were up at Scattergood Lake up on 502 near Dryden about a half-a-mile off the road. We shot one the first Tuesday it was open and then we got one last Tuesday.
“We shot a calf moose, which is harder to get,” he noted.
Hoard admitted more moose have been shot this year due to the mill strike (allowing more hunters to go out into the bush) but added the mild winter a year ago also has contributed significantly to the good hunting prospects for this season.
“We’ve seen seven moose so far and partridge hunting has been really good, in fact, excellent,” enthused Hoard, who has hunted in this area for the past 43 years. “It’s at the top of it’s cycle. It’s been a good year for them because of the lighter snowfall last year.
“I heard there are birds everywhere near the cutroads on Turtle River Road,” he added. “They are usually out first thing in the morning and then later in the afternoon when they are out feeding.”
Peter Wilkins of the MNR office here said he has heard reports of group sightings of moose and partridge.
“I’ve been talking to my staff and the [people] who have been coming in here have been reporting an abundance of partridge,” he noted. “And they’ve been coming in reporting multiple sightings of moose.
“Now, they’re seeing a cow and two calf, or a cow and a calf,” he said. “Before they might only see one animal [but] now they are seeing three or four and they have a choice.”