Locals run in Thunder Bay

The 74th running of the Fire Fighters 10-mile Road Race in Thunder Bay on Victoria Day had some local flavour added to it in Lori Green, her son, Mitch, Dave Pierce, and Natasha Shack.
Lori Green, 45, finished third in her age bracket (45-49) in a time of 1:20:26 while Mitch Green and Pierce, both 20, were in the 20-29 age group, finishing with solid times of 1:17:39 and 1:18:31, respectively.
Shack ran the distance in 1:36:34.
“It was nice to go into a run with my son, though, of course, he took off right at the start,” the mother of three boys said with a laugh. “I wasn’t too far behind, but we’re an active family and it was a fun thing to do.”
Lori Green has done three half-marathons, two in Duluth in conjunction with the Gramma’s Marathon and the other one in Walker, Mn., which proved to be the biggest challenge.
“That was a very difficult run cross-country,” she noted. “It’s a run that you really have to be prepared for and I wasn’t.
“I’m planning on running the full Manitoba Marathon on Father’s Day, which would be my first full,” she added. “It should be a good test.”
Green manages to juggle her full-time job as a nurse with the commitments of preparing for marathon running, but it’s not always easy.
“It’s hard with working shift work and filling in at the health unit. It makes it very difficult to get the time in to train,” she admitted.
“I do a lot of cross-training in the pool and then running on my own time outside or at Jackie’s Energy [Fitness],” she continued. “There’s a lot of time and commitment put into it when training for a run.”
Green’s husband, Bob, has been impressed with his wife’s progress.
“We always used to walk a lot, and now she’s running and she just hasn’t stopped since,” he remarked. “She’s had some injuries to her legs over the years, but she did great out there.
“Finishing third [in her age group] and getting a crystal trophy for her showing is great.”
Mitch Green and Dave Pierce both spent their high school years as members of the Muskie boys’ hockey team, and now both are pursuing kinesiology degrees at the University of Ottawa.
Green just finished his first year of the program while Pierce will be entering his third year this fall.
“My son goes ‘OK, see ya at the finish line’ with about two miles left and he took off,” Bob Green noted. “He had a lot of injuries when he was playing hockey, always at the chiropractor, and he figured he’d go and do something different.”
Both Mitch Green and Pierce are discussing plans to also compete in the half-marathon in Winnipeg on Father’s Day.