Local tourney has Winnipeg flavour

The Fort Frances Badminton Club’s annual tournament saw a lot of matches between local junior players and those from Winnipeg given the 56 registrations were split evenly between the two.
Simone Desjardins fared the best among local club members, winning the combined under-19/under-16 girls’ singles title by beating Caroline Flett 21-17 in the final.
Desjardins’ sister, Natalie, had reached the semi-finals before being eliminated by Flett. Desjardins had beaten teammate Jennifer Lawson in the other semi-final.
The consolation final saw local Sarah Paterson fall to Laura Saxton (Winnipeg). Jana Kennedy of here had reached the semi-finals before being eliminated.
Meanwhile, Natalie Desjardins went on to capture the under-14 girls’ singles title with a narrow 21-19 win over Ashley Voth (Winnipeg)
In boys’ action, Adrian Bondett was the top local in the under-19 singles draw, finishing third behind Alan Stewart and Alex Pelletier of Winnipeg.
Bondett’s fellow club members—Tyson Storkson and Rob Paterson—finished fourth and fifth, respectively, in the six-player field.
Local birder Jason Pattison won the consolation final of the under-16 boys’ division, which also included teammates David Fagadahl, Derek Thompson, and Bryce Martin.
Ian Ho (Winnipeg) won the championship flight.
In the under-14 boys’ event, Winnipeg players won both the championship and consolation finals, with local competitors unable to get past the quarter-finals on either side.
Tim Desjardins reached the under-12 boys’ singles consolation final before losing to Burke Weibe (Winnipeg), who had beaten Matt Jolicouer in the semi-finals.
In the championship flight, David Badiuk lost to Aaron Hendrickson-Gracie (Winnipeg) in the quarter-finals.
Alix Younger (Winnipeg) won the under-12 girls’ singles title, with locals Kristine Kerber and Brittany Martin finishing third and fourth, respectively.
Local club member Roberto Stevens won the under-10 boys’ singles event, which also featured fellow players Casey Kerber and Keely Jolicouer.
He also won the general singles event by edging Kimika Alexander in the final. Kerber finished third.
Doubles play saw Pelletier and Saxton capture the championship flight of the under-16/under-19 boys’ division.
The local duo of Bondett and Paterson won the consolation final with a 15-5 win over fellow club members Tyson Storkson and Jennifer Lawson.
Other winners in the doubles’ events included Ryan Shouldice and Stevens (under-10 boys), Casey Kerber and Stevens (the under-10 mixed), and Simone and Natalie Desjardins (under-16/under-19 girls’).
Storkson and Bondett lost in the final of the under-16/under-19 boys’ doubles event. The teams of Pattison/Thompson and Bryce Martin/David Fagadahl could only advance to the consolation semi-finals.
In adult play, Lloyd Voth (Winnipeg) beat Ken Allan 21-9 in the men’s singles final.
Lawrence Alexander reached the semi-finals, while Ken Desjardins, Jim Zucchiatti, and Jay Burnett all were relegated to the consolation round—with Zucchiatti winning over Jimmy Ho (Winnipeg) in that final.
Carrine Bowes-Kerber beat Dawn Jolicouer in the women’s singles’ consolation final, with Val Voth won the championship flight.
Vilma Valenzuela of the FFBC was the only one to reach that flight, falling to Janet Harrison (Winnipeg).
Winners in the adult doubles’ events included Lloyd Voth and Ian Crowson (Winnipeg) in the men’s division, and George Falkner (International Falls) and Carole McKintosh (FFBC) in the mixed.