Local runners shine at annual ‘Gizzard’ run


Look out Fort Frances, you have a winner!
Priscilla Miller, a teacher with the Rainy River District School Board, clocked in at 21:48 to claim top spot in the female age 30-39 5K division at the annual “Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Run” held Saturday in International Falls in conjunction with “Icebox Days” festivities.
Kelly Agar of Emo claimed third in the division with a time of 28:22.
In the female age 40-49 division, Andrea McNabb of Stratton claimed third place (27:09) while Heidi Smith of Devlin was ninth (34:19) and April Cormack of Emo finished 10th (34:37).
Locals Vilma Eaton (32:12) and Lori Durbin (32:13) took fifth and sixth place, respectively, in the female age 50-59 division.
Norina Sopotiuck of Pinewood finished eighth (32:23).
Gaydonna Baker of Emo took home second in the female age 60-69 division (36:11) while Neila Booth of Devlin was fifth (49:08).
Freeda Carmody of Devlin, the oldest runner to compete at 80 years old, finished second in the age 70-and-above division (49:09).
Alasha Perrault of Fort Frances garnered second in the female 19-and-under division (40:01), with Lynden Peters, also of here, finishing fifth (45:11).
For the males in the 5K run, Rob Clayton of Emo earned a second-place finish in the age 30-39 division (21:42), with Stephen Radoslav of Fort Frances right behind (22:14).
George Halverson of Fort Frances nabbed sixth place in the age 20-29 division (28:38).
In the age 40-49 division, Don Smith of Devlin finished ninth (32:38).
Isaac Dykstra of Emo, meanwhile, grabbed second in the male 19-and-under division (19:22).
In female 10K action, Dee O’Sullivan-Drombolis of Emo took second in the age 40-49 division (48:31), with Megan Ross of Fort Frances right behind (50:57).
Fort runners Lorena Jenks (55:29) and Nancy Witherspoon (57:07) claimed third and fourth place, respectively, in the age 50-59 division.
And on the male 10K side, John Princesa of Emo wound up fifth in the age 20-29 division (1:08:56).
Rick Ricard of Fort Frances finished fourth in the age 30-39 division (47:30) while Jordon Botsford, also of here, was sixth (47:44).