Local judoka impress


Members of the Borderland Judo Club had an impressive day on the mat back on Feb. 24.
Five competitors earned gold-medal finishes in their respective divisions at the local organization’s third-annual home meet held at the Couchiching multi-use facility.
Top honours went to Mia Woolsey (U12/U14 39 kg combined), Jaden Woolsey (U14/U18 54-60 kg combined), Josh Brusven (U12/U14 66 kg combined), Bennett MacDonald (U14 42-50 kg combined and U16 42 kg), and Sekina Scheibler (U21 90 kg).
Four locals also nabbed silver medals, including Shelby Hunt (U12/U14 66 kg combined), Jonathan Grey (U14 42-50 kg combined and U16 42 kg), Morgan Good (U14/U16 50-55 kg combined and U18 55 kg), and Ryan Ball (U21 90 kg).
Kane Perrault earned bronze in the U12/U14 66 kg combined division while Brayden Clink (U21 90 kg) and Richard Norman (Open Division) also secured third-place finishes.
Amara Cox, Gareth Scott, and Evan Whitfield took part in the fair play division (no places are awarded for U10 and U12).
Other locals who competed and fought hard in the spirit of judo were Liam Dent, Lorenzo Scott, and Alex Perrault.
In other club news, Jaden Woolsey, who is U16 but fought up a division at the U18 level, earned bronze in the 60-kg division at the Ontario Winter Games in Orillia last week.
Seven other fighters from the region also who took part in the event, with five earning podium finishes.
Sensei Chuck MacDonald (Borderland Judo) and Sensei Eric Boutin (Thunder Bay Judo) were referees while Sensei Pat Vieira (Thunder Bay Judo) and Sensei John LaFroy (Sakamoto Dojo) were coaches in Orillia.