Local gymnasts do well in Red Lake

The Fort Frances Visserettes and Boys Artistic competitive team travelled to Red Lake last weekend to challenge ones from Red Lake, Kenora, Thunder Bay, and Sioux Lookout at an inter-club meet.
Our gymnasts performed very well and came home loaded with medals, ribbons, and trophies.
Representing the Regional boys from Fort Frances were Travis Hahkala and John Grynol. These boys practice four hours per week. Johnny Ans, an athlete from the Homeschool program which practices only two hours a week, represented the recreational boys.
Hahkala placed first on vault, first on high bar, second on parallel bars, first on buck horse, third on floor, and first on rings to place first overall for the gold medal.
Grynol placed third on vault, third on high bar, third on parallel bars, third on buck horse, second on floor, and second on rings for an overall third-place finish and the bronze medal.
Ans placed first in every event in his category for the gold medal.
The boys were very happy with their results, and came home excited to improve or hold their own at the next meet, which will be held Feb. 28 at the Fort Frances Gymnastics Academy.
Meanwhile, Stephanie Logan was our star in the 3C (13 years and up category), placing second on vault, first on bars, fourth on beam, and second on floor to finish first overall for the gold medal.
Jennifer Cooper was right behind her with fifth on vault, second on bars, second on beam, and second on floor to win the silver medal overall.
Robyn Johnston placed sixth on vault, sixth on bars, fifth on beam, and third on floor to finish fourth overall.
Vicki Stinson also had a great meet in the 2C (13 years and up category), placing second in all her events for the silver medal overall. She was very consistent, which is the sign of a good gymnast.
Kerri Stinson, representing the Pre-comp Level ‘A’ from Fort Frances, placed third on vault, first on bars, first on beam, third on floor, and sixth in fitness.
These budding gymnasts are marked on skills and fitness only and do not receive medals. Rather, they received trophies for their excellent participation and performance.
Janelle Williamson also had a super meet, competing for the first time with the competitive athletes. She moved up from the Pre-comp category in December, and faced the toughest competition as there were 12 girls in her 1A category.
But she came first on vault, sixth on bars, 11th on beam, and fourth on floor for an overall sixth-place showing.
The girls will busy practising for their next meet, which will be the Springfest Invitational in Fort Frances on April 4-5. Last year, we hosted more than 100 athletes over two days because our building couldn’t handle them all in one day.
Meanwhile, the trampolinists are preparing for their next qualifier to be held here March 1. Then the five Ontario Winter Games athletes will be off March 5-8.
Joel Perron has been selected as a provincial judge for that competition, and he also will be travelling with the team.