Local bowlers compete at provincials


There were no medals in the cards for the Sunset Country contingent that competed at the P.O.A. (pins over average) provincial championships held over the weekend in Thunder Bay.
Competing in the Hi-Lo Doubles portion of the tournament, Fort Frances Bowling Club members Mike Behan and Rob Kinsman teamed up to finish in sixth place out of the 12 teams with a combined +191 total.
Behan averaged 221.3, which included a high game of 310, over the 10-game tournament to finish at +193 above his entry average of 202.
Behan’s total also was good enough for seventh place for high P.O.A. amongst all 48 men competing in the tournament
Kinsman, meanwhile, finished at minus-two below his entry average of 165. His high game was a 219.
Fellow Fort Frances bowlers Rich Walton and Rob Paterson, the other Sunset Country duo competing in the Hi-Lo Doubles division, wound up in eighth place overall with a +48 total.
Walton finished at minus-17 below his entry average of 181 while Paterson totalled +65.
Walton’s high game was a 226, with Paterson topping out with a 245.
Jarrod Wall and Rylee Baturniak of the host Thunder Bay zone topped the Hi-Lo Doubles division by finishing at +440 combined.
Patrick Perrin and Sylvie Dowdall of Gateway zone (North Bay) were second at +377 while Kelsey Heikkila and Brandi Cristo of Cambrian North (Sudbury) were third at +325.
In the P.O.A. team competition, Sunset Country #1 wound up in fifth place overall with 39 points.
The squad included Kyle Hamilton of Balmertown (+331 above his 190 entry average), John MacDougall of Dryden (minus-126 below his 172 average), June McNally of Balmertown (+359 above her 136 average) and Kim Pavey of Kenora (+217 above her 136 average).
Their coach was Terry DeLaronde of Dryden.
Sunset Country #2 wound up in 10th place with 29 points.
That foursome included Roger Peterson of Dryden (+70 above his 199 average), Jesse Sidor of Balmertown (+128 above his 186 average), Sherry McCoy of Balmertown (+21 above her 138 average), and Trisha Lundstrom of Dryden (+141 above her 158 average).
Their coach was Norm Sanders of Dryden.
Nickel District #1 (47 points) took the gold medal while Thunder Bay #1 (46.5 points) earned the silver medal, with both teams now advancing to represent Northern Ontario at the I.P. (interprovincial) championships set for late April in Saskatoon.
Nickel District #2 (45 points) was the bronze medallist.
And in the Executive portion of the tournament, Sunset Country’s three representatives fell short of medals.
Melanie Morris of Dryden finished fourth in the Presidents’ Division at +123 above her 152 entry average.
Lyne Perry of Gateway topped the division at +172, followed by Deanna Belaire of Cambrian North (+148) and Urgel Rheaume of Nickel District (+145).
Fellow Dryden bowlers Bryan Stoiber and Barry Miner, meanwhile, both finished in fifth place in the Secretaries’ and Treasurers’ divisions, respectively.
Stoiber finished at minus-255 below his 196 average while Miner was at +12 above his 188 average.
In the Secretaries’ division, Brenda Bouchard of Nickel District won gold at +111, followed by Angela Begin of Thunder Bay (+56), and Shara Faubert of Gateway (+33).
Stever Perry of Gateway topped the Treasurers’ Division at +191, followed by Mike Franolla of Cambrian North (+88), and Brandon Favel of Thunder Bay (+74).
Toni Benning of Fort Frances served as the contingent manager for Sunset Country.