Lee takes Ladies Open

Donna Lee of Fort Frances took home the title of Ladies Open champion on Saturday at Kitchen Creek with a score of 85.
Lee said it was mostly her short game that contributed to the win.
“I was happy with the way I hit the ball,” she remarked. “I would have to say probably my chipping and putting is what helped me make a good score.”
Lee, who is the manager at Kitchen Creek this year, admitted she was a bit surprised by the victory.
“I haven’t golfed a lot this year, so I was happy with how I played today,” she noted.
Megan Ross finished in second place—just one shot behind Lee, who said there was a lot of good competition out on the course.
“There were probably 12 ladies in the top flight that are very capable of a win, so I’m feeling good about that,” Lee said.
Sharon Payne, a member of the tournament committee, said the level of competition was partly due to the higher number of participants.
“Last year we only had 36 sign up, this year we had 49,” she noted. “We have more out-of-towners this year and, hopefully, they all said they are coming back and bringing more.”
The 49 ladies competed in four flights, one of which was for seniors.
Marg Bogacki, also on the tournament committee, said the tournament was a success all around.
“We had an excellent turnout, excellent co-operation, and excellent weather. We got lots of excellent feedback,” she said.
Lee said many of the ladies come out more for the social aspect of the tournament than the competition side.
“It’s a fun tournament and it’s a good two days for the ladies. They get a free practice round on Friday and a social evening,” Lee said.
Bogacki believed that is why the numbers were up significantly this year.
“[It’s about the] camaraderie and a little bit of competition. It’s been a real good year and people want to golf,” she remarked.
Along with the practice round on Friday and then the actual tournament Saturday, participants received snacks Friday night, muffins and coffee on Saturday morning, snacks throughout the day, and a large meal at the end of the day.
The tournament also was well-sponsored by local businesses. Organizers had enough door prizes so that every lady received at least one.
Winners received cash prizes that came out of the entry fees.