Lakers gearing up for season with drills

By Natali Trivuncic
Staff Writer

Team making plans for August training camp

Last night, the Fort Frances Lakers president, Gary Silander, held a gathering for past players and prospects interested in joining the team.

The gathering featured some dryland training to see where the players’ fitness level stands and some information about what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

Lakers prospect Liam Maitland, 16 said he is excited to try out for the team and see what happens.

“It’s exciting. It’s an unreal feeling to be able to skate again, I haven’t in a while,” Maitland said.

While anxiously awaiting to get back on the ice, Maitland said he has been keeping busy by working out, playing golf and spending time with friends. 

Silander said this evening was also a way to get the ball rolling as they continue to get organized for the upcoming season and as a way to put faces to names of those who are thinking of attending the training camp at the end of August.

“It’s more or less to start things going and get them out of the house,” Silander said. “Things have opened up where we can meet again and see where we are.”

Due to COVID restrictions, the Laker’s season was cut short in January, and many have not stepped foot on the ice since then.

Silnader said there are a few players from B.C. that were not able to make it to the gathering but that this is mainly an opportunity for those that have stayed local to come out and move those quarantine muscles.

Silander said they are looking at running the camp from August 27 to 29 with COVID restrictions in mind. He adds that they are looking to get things going as soon as possible as he knows players and staff are itching to get back on the ice.

As a way to fundraise for the league, the Lakers will be at the Emo Fair selling wild rice soup and corn dogs on August 20 and 21.