Kitchen Creek Pro-Am results

Kitchen Creek Gold Course held its annual Pro-Am tournament on Monday, which saw nine groups compete. Here are the results:
< *c>Team scores
1. Bill North, John Rempel, Shawn O’Donnell, and Trevor Clearwater of The Players Course (160 points)
2. Dave McMillan, Dean Smith, Jim Ballard, and Dan Henderson of Transcona Golf Club (159 points)
3. Ghost Pro, Jon Dupuis, Mike Bodnarchuk, and Joel McCoy of Transcona Golf Club (153 points)
4. Derek Ingram, Don Ingram, Dave Green, and Ian McLennan of Golf Central (145 points)
5. Jason Sweeney, Vince Solimka, Dave Bruyere, and Chris Boyer of The Meadows (143 points)
6. Joel Rhodes, John McLeod, Bob Thomson, and Dave Bondett of Bel Acres (143 points)
7. Darren McMillan, Pat Beaudoin, Darryl Enns, and Bob Armit with St. Vital Golf Centre (142 points)
8. Rob Guthrie, Rob Badiuk, Bruce Carter, and Greg Ross of Kenora Golf and Country Club (141 points)
9. Steve Wood, Don Hammond, Alton Pollard, and Colin Kelly of Kitchen Creek Golf Course (141 points)
< *c>Individual results
1. Bill North (The Players Course—69)
2. Derek Ingram (Golf Central—70)
3. Mac McLeod (Touring Professional—71)
T4. Steve Wood (Kitchen Creek—72)
T4. Glen Mills (Kitchen Creek—72)
T4. Dave McMillan (Transcona—72)
T4. Jason Sweeney (The Meadows—72)
T4. Rob Guthrie (Kenora—72)
9. Tadd Fanning (Touring Professional—73)
< *c>Closest to the Hole
< *c>Professionals
Hole #5—Derek Ingram
< *c>Amateurs
Hole #5—Hugh McKinnon
Hole #7—Don Hammond
Hole #11—Dave Bruyere
Hole #13—Dave Bruyere