Kitchen Creek changing its hole sequence

Kitchen Creek members who have been shining up their clubs in anticipation of the course’s opening should be weary of the lingering cold weather—and a few changes to the course once things get into full swing.
At its annual meeting Sunday, the club announced the hole sequence will be changed temporarily. Under it, hole #11 be-comes #9 and hole #12 becomes #10, with #10 to become #17 and #9 to become #18.
That means #13 becomes #11, #14 becomes #12, #15 becomes #13, #16 becomes #14, #17 be-comes #15, and #18 becomes #16.
The first eight holes won’t change.
“We’re doing it as a trial period,” club pro Steve Wood said yesterday from the pro shop, which has been open since April 1. “Just to help speed up the pace of play.
“We’re going to see how it works. We’re going to play it by ear and see if it helps or hinders things,” he added.
Meanwhile, the club is scheduled to open tomorrow night for the first men’s stag night. But it’s all tentative—as long as the weather holds up.
“The greens wintered very well,” said Wood. “We’re day-to-day as far as when we’ll be opening.”
“There’s a lot of dry holes and just a few wet spots,” echoed associate pro Glen Mills.
In related news, the annual “Demo Day” is scheduled for this Saturday from 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., in which golfers can try out new clubs from different companies.
From there, the club is set to host more than 20 tournaments this season, starting off with the “Memorial” on May 27
So far, only about 250 memberships have been sold. But it’s a number that doesn’t concern Wood as the club averages a little over 500 per year.
“We’re a little lower than last year [but] we haven’t opened yet. Once people start coming out to golf, I’m sure they’ll pick up,” he remarked.
Memberships cost $625 for adults, $250 for juniors (aged 13-18), and $350 for university/college students.
For more information on membership packages, lessons, or a copy of the full tournament schedule, contact the pro shop at 274-4653.