Kellar, Veert top go-karts


A.J. Kellar and Branden Veert both came through in the clutch.
The pair earned go-kart feature wins during the Emo Fair on Saturday, although neither racer had won any of the three heats leading up to it.
In the seniors division, Veert recorded a pair of second-place finishes and a fourth-place showing before capturing the feature.
Kellar, meanwhile, had a pair of fourth-place finishes and a fifth-place showing in the novice division before winning the feature.
The club will race again this Friday (Aug. 27) at 7 p.m. bfore capping off the season on Saturday, Sept. 11 at 1 p.m.
Both events are at the Emo Speedway.
•Feature—1. A.J. Kellar 2. Taylah Trimble 3. Tanner Williamson 4. Raice Westover 5. Jillian Westover
•Heat #1—1. Williamson 2. R. Westover 3. Trimble 4. J. Westover 5. Kellar
•Heat #2—1. Williamson 2. Trimble 3. J. Westover 4. Kellar 5. R. Westover
•Heat #3—1. Williamson 2. Trimble 3. R. Westover 4. Kellar 5. J. Westover
•Feature—1. Branden Veert 2. Jake Rea 3. Cooper Witherspoon 4. Tristan Badiuk 5. Cole Trimble
•Heat #1—1. Rea 2. Veert 3. Badiuk 4. Trimble 5. Witherspoon
•Heat #2­—1. Rea 2. Veert 3. Witherspoon 4. Trimble 5. Badiuk
•Heat #3—1. Badiuk 2. Rea 3. Trimble 4. Veert 5. Witherspoon