Judokas victorious at Mn. championships

Submitted by
Sensei Chuck MacDonald
Borderland Judo Club

This past Saturday, four local Borderland Judo Club judokas attended the Minnesota State Judo Championships held in Minneapolis.
The competition brought the best fighters from Minnesota and the surrounding area to compete for the title of sate champion, with Borderland Judo claiming six medals with only four total fighters.
Bennet MacDonald opened the winning streak, winning the first match for Borderland in just under five seconds with a well-executed full-point throw.
MacDonald ended up in the silver medal position in his middleweight division and claimed a well-earned bronze medal when he moved up and competed in the heavyweight class of his age group.
Mia Woolsey was unstoppable in her division and took home the gold in her division and a silver when she moved up to the heavyweight division.
Joaquin Woolsey had a great day of competition winning silver in his division, losing only to his teammate from Dryden.
Morgan Thurber was challenged when he found there was no one in his weight class and was moved into a combined weight division where the next closest competitor was 70 pounds heavier.
Morgan’s skill carried him through tough fights and he won against a much heavier opponent and claimed a well-earned bronze medal in his division.
I’m very proud of how these judokas competed and represented Fort Frances and Canada at this competition.
Their dedication and hard work are certainly obvious when you take a look at the results they are posting at each competition they attend.
This competition marks the end of the regular competitive season for our students.
We have one more competition at the end of the month where two Borderland Judo students, Grace Petsnick and Jaden Woolsey, have been selected to compete at the Canadian National Judo Championships in Calgary.
I’m both excited and nervous that Borderland Judo will be at such a high-end judo competition.