Job may conflict with trip to nationals for bowler

Jonathan Wood is turning the big 2-0 this Friday, but the only plans he has set in stone for that day is a job interview at the Abitibi-Consolidated mill here.
But while he’s looking forward to landing a summer job here at home after attending school in Sudbury, Wood may be faced with a dilemma—taking the job could mean he’ll be unable to attend the Canadian Open five-pin bowling championships there later this month.
“I’ve talked to my coach, actually, about who my replacement would be to prepare to take over my position if I am not able to take time off work,” Wood said earlier this week.
“This is the first time I’ve ever made nationals,” added Wood, who grew up in Fort Frances and has been bowling here since the age of six.
“It’s hard to say whether I will ever make them again.”
Wood qualified for the nationals last month in Timmins while bowling for the Cambrian zone.
While he would have the advantage of being on home alleys in Sudbury, Wood would need to factor in the trip there into the time he would need to take away from a new job.
“It’s really hard for them [Abitibi] to go, ‘We’re gonna let you have a week off,’” Wood conceded. “As long as I’m bowling, there will always be opportunities to go [to the nationals].”
His mother, Mary, stressed the importance of her son’s employment—and is excited about the idea of having him close to home for the summer.
“I’m pretty happy about it, actually, but apparently he’s only on loan. He’s got a girlfriend now,” she laughed.
She said her son also is considering the army reserves for the summer, as well as spending time with the newest addition to the family.
“We’re raising our granddaughter, and she’s absolutely stuck to him like glue right now,” she noted.
With so much concern between his job and five-pin aspirations, does the prospect of turning 20 scare the young bowler?
“Eh, it’s a birthday. Not too worried about it,” Wood shrugged.