In the shop with 3D racing

By Darren Derendorf
Staff writer / sales

With no major maintenance needed on the #28 this week Doug was ready to head to the track to try and make up points to the 1st place Tylar Wilson. Despite a good draw, outside of the front row in the 2nd heat race, Doug couldn’t help but feel a little outnumbered as he found himself in the same heat as all 3 of the Dirty Dean Racing cars. As he took the green flag Doug choose to let Dean Kellar and Abe Germain go without too much of a fight as there are very few points available in a heat race and at this point in the season sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture. Doug hadn’t spent all his luck on the first draw because he was able to draw the outside pole again and have a great shot at a victory. Unfortunately in the first couple laps there was a chain reaction several cars back that resulted in Doug getting 2 punts to the rear bumper in the second turn and spinning out on the backstretch. Being the only car fully spun out and stopped Doug was sent to the back of the pack for the restart. Over the next few laps Doug worked his way up from 10th to 7th where he was met with the rolling roadblock of Dean Kellar and Steve Bruyere running door to door. As the laps began to wind down Doug saw his opening and entered the 2nd corner setting up a pass on Bruyere, but just as he made his turn Kellar had the exact same idea and blocked the opening with a matter of inches to spare. Without enough laps to mount another charge Doug brought the car home in 1 piece and although he didn’t gain any points on Wilson he was able to claim 2nd in the championship standings!

As for the #80 and myself, we sat silent again this week as I had to go out of town for prior commitments that will unfortunately keep me out of the car again on the Saturday of the Rea Memorial. However it will be nice to get back into the shop this week to double check the car is ready as 3D Racing will be back in full force this week. Come on out and cheer on your favourite race team because believe it or not we can hear all of you fans cheering for us over top of the cars and please come to the pits at the end of the night as every driver loves getting to meet fans, new and old. Hope to see you at the races!