Hynnes new Modified champ

The sky was clear, the stands were packed, and the cars were ready to race Saturday on the second night of stock car racing in conjunction with the Emo fair.
The Modifieds had made everyone proud Friday night by finishing their feature race without any cautions or major accidents.
Saturday’s race began with Tyler Hynnes in the lead and he had to work very hard to keep that spot to himself throughout. He eventually managed to break away from the pack and send himself to victory.
Behind him, second was up for grabs with Jason Anderson, Bill Witherspoon, and Jeff Marshall all trying to get it. Anderson held on for a while, but was passed later in the race by both Witherspoon and Marshall.
It ended with Witherspoon in second and Marshall in a very close third.
Though they also had a very good race, the Midwest Modifieds weren’t quite as lucky as the Modifieds and had a couple of cautions on Saturday. Nothing to really worry about, though; no injuries or disqualifications.
The feature began with Ken Perry in front, but Jeff Marshall took first a couple of laps in and he refused to move for the duration of the race—crossing the finish line well in front of the rest of the pack.
That left Chuck Arpin, Perry, and Anthony Visser to battle over who was getting which spot. Arpin decided for them, stealing second place and leaving third to Perry.
The Street Stocks didn’t do as well as Saturday night as they did the night before, but they got through the feature with only one caution.
Newcomer Don Craig slid into first place on the opening lap and didn’t move from that spot the entire race. Chris Shine was in hot pursuit in second for about half the race until he was passed by Ron Westover and then again by Gary Grimes.
Coming around the last turn, it was Craig in first, Westover in second, and Grimses third.
All the heats went well again Saturday. The first heat of the Modifieds ended with Riley Matthews in first, Chad Jonson in second, and Tyler Hynnes in third.
Heat #2 ended with Bill Witherspoon in first, Jeff Marshall in second, and Mark Rae in third.
The first heat of the Midwest Modifieds finished with Ken Anderson in first, Gary Labine in second, and Dan Rae in third.
Heat #2 saw Heff Marshall in front, followed by A. Visser and Perry, while the third heat ended with Chuck Arpin in first, Ron Westover in second, and John Hettinga third.
Heat #1 of the Street Stocks had Don Craig in first, with Tyler Wilson in second and John Bosma third. The second heat saw Ron Westover in first, with Darryl Dessere in second and Chris Shine third.
< *c>Friday night
The stands also were packed for the first night of racing on Friday. The Modifieds had a very gripping feature race despite the number of cautions they managed to collect.
Chad Johson took the lead right off the bat and fought hard throughout the entire race to stay there. He managed to keep first to himself even when a multitude of cautions meant the other cars always caught up.
He finished in first.
Second place was tossed from car to car for most of the race, with Greg Ferris, Brad Hanson, and Dwayne Peleptz all battling over who was going to get it.
Kevin Sexten joined the fight in the later laps of the race and came out the victor, with Ferris grabbing third place.
Though the Modified race was an attention-grabber, the Midwest Modifieds had the most action-packed feature of the evening, bar none. If anything bad happened that night, it happened to the Midwest Modifieds.
On their first lap around the track, a few of the cars lost control and sent half the pack flying over the edge. Kendall Gamsby rolled his car right over the side, giving the fans a little bit of a scare (he was all right and even came back to race a little more).
There was debris on the track, spin outs, and crashes.
Once the boys finally got to racing, Chuck Arpin took the lead. A little ways back but hot in pursuit was Ken Anderson in second.
Third place was where the war raged as Anthony Visser, Ron Westover, and Jeff Marshall all wanted bronze. It looked like Visser was going to get it until he was passed on the last two laps by Marshall and Chuck Lambert.
Lambert came out of nowhere and left them all in the dust to come in third.
The Street Stocks—again—were the best behaved of the night and had the best race of all. There were some close calls, but these boys know how to behave and keep a race running smoothly.
John Bosma started the race in first, but had to fight off Tyler Wilson, Jeff Wickstrom and, later, Ron Westover. Bosma held first for as long as he could, but in the last few laps was passed by Westover.
Coming across the finish line in a very close finish was Westover in first, Bosma in second, and Gary Grimes third, who had moved himself up in the last few laps.
The heats all went relatively well, considering how many cars there were. The first heat for the Modifieds ended with Kevin Sexten in first, Riley Matthews in second, and Gavin Paul third.
Heat #2 ended with Chad Jonson in first, Bill Witherspoon in second, and Gaving Paul third while Heat #3 saw Brad Hanson in first, Ricky Roche in second, and Jeff Marshall third.
The fourth heat ended with Greg Ferris in first, Chuck Arpin in second, and Jamie Davis in third.
The Midwest Modifieds’ first heat one had Chuck Arpin finish in first, John Bosma in second, and Jeff Marshall in third.
Heat #2 was won by Gary Labine, followed by John Hettinga and Dan Rea, while Heat #3 saw Travis Strachan finish first, with Ron Westover in second and Anthony Visser third.
The Street Stocks first heat finished with Ron Westover in first, Don Craig in second, and Jeff Wickstrom in third. Heat #2 John Rosma in first, Tyler Wilson in second, and Darryl Dessere third.
Racing continues this Saturday (Aug. 26) at the Emo Speedway with the season championships, as well as a frisbee-throwing contest and “powder puff” races.
Hot laps are at 7 p.m., with the first race at 7:30 p.m. (weather permitting).