Hunters fined $4,500

Press Release

Two Atikokan men have been fined a total of $4,500 for charges relating to illegal deer hunting.
Mike Krassey was fined $3,500 for illegally hunting white-tailed deer, being party to the offence of attaching a seal to a deer killed by another person, and making a false statement to a conservation officer.
Cecil O’Flaherty, meanwhile, was fined $1,000 for attaching his seal to a deer killed by another person and possessing illegally-killed game.
Both men also had their hunting licences suspended for two years.
Court heard that back on Nov. 22, Krassey and his son shot an antlered deer while hunting on Camp River Road near Atikokan.
Krassey already had used his antlered deer tag. So he drove to Atikokan to pick up O’Flaherty, went back to Camp River Road, and attached O’Flaherty’s tag to the killed deer.
On Nov. 24, Krassey told conservation officers that he and O’Flaherty were party hunting when the deer was shot.
But following a search of their homes on March 4, Krassey and O’Flaherty admitted that O’Flaherty was not present at the time of the kill and was not hunting at that time.
Justice of the Peace Pat Clyesdale-Cornell heard the case April 29 in Atikokan.
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