Hunter nabbed after tip

From the MNRF

A Schreiber man has been fined $5,000 for hunting offences.
Michael Souliere pleaded guilty and was fined $2,000 for trespassing to hunt, $1,500 for shooting from a roadway, and $1,500 for abandoning a deer and allowing it to spoil.
He also was given a two-year hunting suspension.
Court heard that on Nov. 23, conservation officers responded to a complaint received on the TIPS line about a man shooting from a roadway at a deer on private property in the Quibell area.
An investigation determined Souliere had fired three shots from the travelled portion of Highway 609 over a fence, killing a deer on private property.
The property clearly was marked with a “no shooting” sign.
Souliere then left the scene in his vehicle, abandoning the deer.
Justice of the Peace Daisy Hoppe heard the case April 5 in Dryden.
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