Hunter fined for trespassing

the MNR

A Thunder Bay man must pay $1,000 for trespassing to hunt on a closed road.
John R. Spack was charged under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and fined $1,000 for trespassing for the purpose of hunting on a closed road.
The moose was forfeited to the Crown.
His firearm also was seized and will be returned once the fine is paid.
Court heard that on Sept. 22, Spack drove his truck behind a posted road closure sign on Toset Creek Road, east of Armstrong, and camped there until he shot a bull moose two days later.
Spack then went to look for help to load the moose into his truck.
After two parties refused to assist him and advised him that he had illegally trespassed, he turned himself in to the Armstrong OPP detachment.
A Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officer then was alerted.
Toset Creek Road is closed under the Public Lands Act.
Justice of the Peace John Guthrie heard the case Nov. 4 in Thunder Bay.