Hoops squads capture gold, bronze

The Muskie senior girls’ basketball team wrapped up their season Friday in Kenora on a bittersweet note—losing their NorWOSSA semi-final match by a score of 26-21 to the host Broncos.
Despite the loss, though, co-coach Marla Knutsen was proud of the team.
“They have come a long way from the beginning of the year,” she remarked. “I am definitely proud. They played their hardest and I could not ask of any more from them.”
The team played soundly at both ends of the court, making very few mistakes.
“Defensively the team played very well,” Knutsen added. “That was one of our strengths. I could not ask for them to play any harder defensively.
“Again, they played very well offensively,” she continued. “[Co-captain] Alyssa Holliday scored 18 of twenty-one points. [It] would have been nice to see other girls shoot.
“Alyssa was able to take the shots because the girls were not rushing; making good passes and waiting for the shots to be open,” Knutsen noted.
All of the things the girls have been working on throughout the season came together Friday. Both the defensive and offensive plays were put to great use, which helped the team keep a close rein on the Broncos.
As well, the coaching staff was there for the team and assisted in keeping the girls’ heads up.
“Today [Friday] was the last game for most of the girls and even though we ended up in third place, we played our hearts out and learned a lot,” Holliday said on the bus ride home.
“Not only from our amazing coaches, Mr. [Ian] Simpson and Mrs. Knutsen, but each other, we played like a team today,” she added. “We played with dignity and control, which allowed us such a good game.”
Meanwhile, the Goliath story of the Muskie junior girls’ basketball team ended in a very golden fashion on Friday in Kenora.
The team, which had a bye to the NorWOSSA final due to their first-place finish during the regular season, defeated the host Broncos 34-22, dominating in each quarter.
“They were a little nervous but the pressure did not get them,” coach Dan Bird said after the game.
And he was right—the nerves did not get to his team. They played amazingly on both defence and offence, forcing the Broncos to make mistakes and commit fouls,
It was a very golden—and happy—ending indeed.