Holmlund Financial donates $10,000 to Muskies Sports

By Allan Bradbury
Staff Writer

On Wednesday Sept. 28, Holmlund Financial announced a donation of $10,000 to Fort Frances High School (FFHS) Muskies sports.

Owner Adrian Chapman says the company has experienced success this year despite financial turbulence and have been able to give generously out of that success. The business had pledged to give one per cent of their time and revenue to the community and different causes. They have given well over the $12,000 target for the year and has given $34,240 according to the Holmlund financial

“My wife and I own the business,” Chapman said. “And we both have a similar desire to give back in different ways.”

Issues with the economy have caused bus travel to become very expensive for the different teams at the school.

Longtime fan and supporter of local sports, Adrian Chapman has upped his game, with a $10,000 donation to Muskies sports. The donation is a welcome gesture, as athletic teams grapple with the rising costs of team travel. – Submitted photo

FFHS Athletic Director Tyson Grinsell says that the funds will help to offset the travel costs for teams.

“The Athletics Department at FFHS is very appreciative of the donation we received from Holmlund Financial,” Grinsell said. “This money will be used to help our teams continue to attend tournaments out of town and offset the increasing transportation costs our teams face when traveling.”

Chapman said he has seen the benefits of school sports in his own life.

“Sports has always been an important thing to me,” he said. “It got me through a lot of tough times. I had some really great coaches, leaders and teammates, and a lot of great friends and experiences that came along with that. I think it really helped shape me so I want that opportunity to be available to as many kids as possible.”

Grinsell also said the help the school receives from Holmlund beyond the financial assistance is also appreciated.

“We’d also like to thank the staff members at Holmlund Financial that volunteer their time to help coach our student athletes,” Grinsell said. “Holmlund Financial has gone above and beyond to ensure that our student athletes at FFHS can continue to play and learn through sport.”