Higher numbers needed for skating programs

The Border Figure Skating Club needs higher numbers to successfully run its summer programs–and right now they are so close.
“As it is right now, we are just under the break even point,” said Marla Bekesi, public relations rep for the BFSC. “We are still hoping to get the numbers up so that we can break even.”
Bekesi stressed the club is still hoping to run two-week sessions but added they’re willing to take one-week registrations for those who can’t attend a full two-week one.
She said the girls really enjoy the program, and that the club doesn’t want to penalize people who are on holidays for one of the weeks the sessions are running.
“Currently, we have joined the junior and senior sessions for the summer to help pay for the cost of the ice time,” noted Bekesi. “If we ran them separately, we would lose too much money.
“We can handle losing money, just not that much money.”
Bekesi said the club would like to see about 11 more participants overall.
“We have about seven people in the junior program and we would like three more kids in that,” she said. “There are about 10 people in the senior program and it would be nice to see three more people registered in that.
“We currently have 12 people in the CanSkate program and it would be good if there were five more people in that,” she added.
Bekesi said anyone interested in participating in the programs–which run Aug. 14-18 and Aug. 21-25–should contact their skating coach.