‘Gold Card’ golf membership deadline extended

The deadline to purchase “Gold Card” memberships at Kitchen Creek, which offer golfers a five-year membership at a reduced rate, has been extended until the club’s general fall meeting Nov. 22.
The original deadline had been Oct. 7 but membership chairman Terry Martinson said the decision to extend it was based on a couple of reasons.
“A lot of people had thought we sold out right away,” he noted Monday morning. “And then we had the mill strike, and other people asked if we could wait because they had bonds coming out at the end of the month.”
The “Gold Cards” haven’t sold out as many may have thought. In fact, Martinson said there are still “lots left” but also warned there won’t be another deadline extension.
Available on a first-come, first-serve basis, they offer golfers a five-year membership (1999-2003) for $2,000. Martinson called the offer, which would save members at least $250 in green fees over that period, a “real good deal,” especially when compared to what annual memberships cost at many city courses.
“It’s a huge saving even if the membership fees don’t go up during that time,” he noted, adding “Gold Card” memberships can be purchased at Mar-Te Sportswear on Scott Street.
The fee can be paid by cheque, which can be post-dated to Nov. 22 of this year.
He said the membership board soon will be starting a phone campaign among club members to help stir up additional interest.
Kitchen Creek saw a huge surge in memberships this year, with 630 golfers signed up compared to 400 in 1997.
The “Gold Card” membership idea was introduced to generate money to help finance the course’s new irrigation system, which was deemed necessary after a two-month drought damaged the course last year.
Individually, each “Gold Card” member will save the club $400 in interest payments.
Martinson said the cards will be refunded, in whole or in part, due to a “permanent disability” or injury, or due to a change in employment.
“The unused portion at the time of the cancellation will be refunded but it will have to be approved by the board,” he noted.