Go-Kart results for July 7 races

Jessica Rea took home the checkered flag during last Friday’s Go-Kart race at the Emo Raceway.
The Go-Kart season kicked off in early June and continues through to September at the Emo track.
Races take place every Friday night with the hot lap at approximately 6:30 p.m. and the races beginning at around 7 p.m.
Admission to the races is free.
•Feature—1. Jessica Rea 2. Jeff Davis 3. Jake Rea 4. Dakotah Sutherland 5. Riley Caul
•Heat #1—1. Jake Rea 2. Jessica Rea 3. Jeff Davis 4. Dakotah Sutherland 5. Brody Strachan 6. Riley Caul 7. Matt Mutz
•Heat #2—1. Jessica Rea 2. Matt Mutz 3. Jake Rea 4. Riley Caul 5. Jeff Davis 6. Dakotah Sutherland 7. Brody Strachan
•Heat #3—1. Jeff Davis 2. Jessica Rea 3. Riley Caul 4. Jake Rea 5. Dakotah Sutherland 6. Matt Mutz