Girls Hockey to hold their AGM

The Fort Frances Girls and Women’s Hockey Association (FFGWHA) will be holding their AGM on May 26.

Craig Miller, president of the FFGWHA, said all six director positions are up for election as well as the vice-president, secretary and registrar.

Miller said they generally have interest from those already involved with the association and so far, they have not had anyone not already involved put their name forward for any position.

The AGM will consist of filling the positions, Miller said, adding that he will also provide a brief update about next season.

“Unfortunately, at this time we don’t have a lot of direction yet for next season,” Miller said. “The little bit that we do have we’ll try to provide an update on, and we typically do a financial report as well.”

The FFGWHA had to cut the second half of their 2020/2021 season short due to pandemic restrictions but up until then, Miller said the season was going well despite the changes they had to make.

“The primary focus was on giving the girls as fun of an experience as we could, which I believe we managed to do. We wish it had been able to go longer,” Miller said. “We were mandated by our governing body which is the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association to play four-on-four hockey.”

Miller said since girls’ hockey is already non-contact, it did not affect their playing but not being able to travel or play against other organizations was one of their biggest challenges.

“We had to get a little bit creative so we merged age groups that don’t normally play together just to have bigger numbers so that we could for teams,” Miller said.

Now that Ontario has expanded its vaccine eligibility, Miller said they are hoping that hockey will go back to some normalcy, which includes higher enrolments.

“We had probably one of our smallest enrolments last season but that was expected given the pandemic,” Miller said. “We’ve had very consistent numbers for more than five year so we’re hoping if things start to open up again that we’ll see a bounce back to the levels that we normally expect. Hopefully we’ll get to play against Emo, Dryden or Kenora.”

Miller said he hopes there will be interest in filling the association positions to that they can get started on planning for next season.

“It’s just a great opportunity for people to get involved and to volunteer,” Miller said. “People often have comments and suggestions on how to improve the program and joining the hockey board is one of the most effective ways to improve the program.”