Fun league looking for participants

For those of you die-hard curling fans out there, or if you have never thrown a stone before in your life, the Fort Frances Curling Club is now offering a open fun league on Tuesday nights.
But since its inception last week, the club is struggling to find teams to participate.
“So far the turnout hasn’t been so good,” said organizer Rick Grenda. “I’m not sure why it hasn’t been a success, but it might be because we’ve relied on word of mouth so far.”
The fee per team is $50, with a weekly fee of $20. Interested curlers may join as a group of friends, co-workers, or family.
“The good thing is you can have as many people you want on the team,” Grenda noted. “Just as long as four people show up each week.”
And the more people on the team, the less the cost is per person.
“It’s just fun and laid back, and there is no solid commitment required from anyone,” Grenda said.