First wave of OFSAA passes sold out

It’s clear local residents are excited about the upcoming all-Ontario boys’ hockey tournament, which Fort Frances is hosting March 22-25.
That because the 700 passes up for grabs sold out within days.
But don’t worry if you haven’t picked up your OFSAA 2006 pass because ticket sales simply are on hold until the committee has a concrete idea of how many out-of-town passes they need to reserve for other teams attending the tournament.
“We expected the tickets to sell out as quickly as they did,” committee co-chair Terry Ogden said.
A limited number of three-day passes, which cost $35 each, will go on sale about a week before OFSAA gets started. As well, individual game passes will be available each day of the tournament.
With ticket sales proving so successful, the next hump the committee must get over is figuring out capacity issues.
“Our concern right now is the limited seating,” noted Ogden. “Last time we hosted OFSAA, we filled the arena with as many people as we could.”
The problem is it’s almost a guarantee that when the Muskies are playing, tickets will sell out. But when out-of-town teams are playing, there could be an abundance of tickets left over.
“We’re trying to come up with plans to get people to attend non-Muskie games,” said Ogden. “We have a few incentives in the works to try and increase fan attendance.”
Another issue being looked at involves the other NorWOSSA teams that will be attending the all-Ontarios next month.
It was announced that two other NorWOSSA teams, besides the Muskies, will be granted berths. Which means Dryden, Kenora, and Red Lake are fighting for two spots instead of the one.
And as a result, capacity issues come into play once again as each team has reserved the right to 100 tickets for their family, friends, and fans.
As for the technical end of OFSAA planning, co-chair Greg St. Croix and his committee have been working hard to get an OFSAA website ready that will work well for fans, coaches, and the media.
“It’s coming along great,” enthused St. Croix. “We have online registration, tournament scheduling, and seating forms online.”
With the Ontario Scott Tournament of Hearts, OFSAA, and the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Tournament all taking place within six months of each other, it certainly goes to show how supportive the area is of local events.
“We saw the success of the [Ontario] Scott tournament,” said Ogden. “We’re hoping to duplicate that. The sponsorship and support from volunteers has been great so far.”