Fierce action at Emo Speedway

Anthony Leek

It was, in a way, the most amazing night ever at the Emo Speedway.
Almost every forecast in the country, including the U.S. weather networks, was saying wind, rain, and thunderstorms throughout all of Saturday evening.
Knowing this, track officials started hot laps almost 10 minutes earlier and then began running the heat races by 7:25 p.m.
Action was fierce, as usual, and the track was in prime condition for another week of the Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series.
The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were split into two heats once again as Matthew Mutz and Anthony Visser started on the front row.
But it would not be someone from the front to win. Paul Veert of Winnipeg came from seventh spot to take the checkered flag.
Brady Caul was close behind after having started sixth.
In the second heat, a lucky draw put Christopher Leek on the front row, with Tylar Wilson on the outside.
And Leek took the win over Wilson, with Matt DePiero finishing third.
The Street Stocks also had two heats Saturday evening, with rookie driver Nick Leininger earning his first-ever heat victory.
Daniel Hettinga was leading the race, but spun out in Turn #2, giving the lead to Leininger.
Darien Trimble finished second and Hettinga third.
Then in the second heat, Don Bowman took advantage of his low point average and pulled out to a large lead.
Lindsay Bourre finished second, just ahead of Terry Martin, while troubles for Ron Westover had him retire early.
In the WISSOTA Modifieds, only nine cars turned out after having a great appearance of 14 the previous week.
In the only heat run, Brad Loveday charged out of the gate, leaving the rest of the field behind.
Gary Wilson moved from third to second while Denny Trimble finished third.
Officials removed the intermission in order to make sure the racing would be completed before the rains came.
The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds quickly came out in order to line up for their feature event, with Glen Godin and Mutz starting out the field on the front row.
But right off the bat, DePiero made a brave move to grab an early lead.
The field was right behind as some of the higher point average cars tried to make their way through the crowd. Kendal Gamsby, Ken Anderson, Leek, and Veert all were coming on strong.
But potential disaster was coming as the point starter, Godin, spun coming out of Turn #4 and clipped Leek in the right rear.
Missing the set-up for the corner of #1, Leek spun out on his own, bringing out the caution flag.
The cars restarted Delaware style, with DePiero on the pole. Laps went by with Gamsby and Brady Caul catching up.
The racing was going almost three wide for the lead.
Meanwhile, at the back, Leek was trying to get back up through the field. But while trying to avoid contact with Hettinga, he lost control and went sideways in Turns #3 and #4.
That left Mike Wilson nowhere to go, but he slid sideways to minimize the damage. The caution came out after Leek moved but Wilson was unable to.
By this time, Gamsby had taken the lead and then held off a hard-charging Brady Caul and Tylar Wilson.
Gamsby is now the first driver in 2010 to have won a second feature race in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, and is starting to get a firm grip on the points lead.
The Street Stocks were up next as Trimble and Bowman took the front row. Bowman once again took advantage of his starting position and grabbed the lead off the start.
For Ron Westover, on the other hand, he had to make his way through nine other drivers.
Diving in and out of traffic, Westover continued to do his magic throughout the field. By the time the race was over, he had made it to second spot, but it was too late as Bowman took the win.
Bourre also had a solid run, finishing third.
Richard Visser came in fourth spot while Darien Trimble completed his race in a comfortable fifth spot.
Lastly, the WISSOTA Modifieds came onto the track. Some off-and-on rain did not slow them down at all.
Gary Wilson and Denny Trimble started the rest of the field.
The green flag waved and you quickly could tell who wanted the top spot. By the second lap, Loveday was squeezing his way through any hole possible.
In fact, coming into Turn #2, he made it four wide as Glen Strachan, Dwayne Pelepetz, and Gary Wilson all went at it.
It was almost nerve-wracking as only one small slip from any driver could have made a mess of things.
Pelepetz and Loveday passed Trimble, who had started out in the early lead. The two would pull away and a small battle ensued between them.
It seemed Pelepetz had a bit of a push, and was unable to consistently maintain a fast corner to keep up with Loveday.
After several laps of trying, Pelepetz looked to have a vibration on the front of the car, which soon led him to the pits.
Glen Strachan, meanwhile, had moved from sixth spot to third and was right behind Trimble. But the laps ran down and Strachan ran out of time.
Ron Korpi took fourth while rookie Rick Bourre went from eighth place to finish fifth.
This Saturday (July 10) at the Emo Speedway is the AMSOIL WISSOTA 100 Race of Champions qualifers, as well as the sixth-annual Mid-Season Shootout!
The winners of the WISSOTA Modifieds and WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds features will be awarded an invitation to the WISSOTA 100 Champions Race to take place in September at the Dakota State Fair Speedway in Huron, S.D.
It is more action you never want to miss at the Emo Speedway!
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