Ferbey rink splits games at worlds

The results were different but the similarities were scary.
Randy Ferbey’s Canadian rink beat back a determined Finnish foursome for a 8-6 victory at the Ford World Curling Championship yesterday afternoon.
Earlier in the day, Ferbey’s crew blew leads of 5-2 and 6-3 in a 8-7 loss to American Pete Fenson.
In both matches, Team Canada missed key shots and was unable to deliver the knockout blow. That allowed their opponent to hang around and pounce on any Canadian mistakes.
“It was almost deja vu,” said Ferbey, who skipped Canada to back-to-back world championships in 2002 and 2003.
“I don’t know what it is. We’re in total control of these games, then all of a sudden we’re not,” he remarked. “We’re just not making that one big shot to get us out of the end.
“It’s not like these guys are outplaying us. We give them one chance, then all of sudden they’re back in the game,” Ferbey added.
Canada had a comfortable 7-4 lead over Markku Uusipaavalniemi’s crew after seven ends. But in the eighth, both Ferbey and third Dave Nedohin, who throws skips stones, missed take-out shots.
That allowed Uusipaavalniemi to score two and cut the lead to a single point.
After blanking the ninth to keep the hammer, Ferbey was able to run Uusipaavalniemi out of rocks in the 10th.
“Only one Christmas gift today, I guess,” smiled Nedohin.
Earlier against the U.S., the usually dead accurate Nedohin sailed his rock through the house on an attempted freeze on his last shot to give the Americans three points.
Fenson didn’t need to throw his final rock.
“That’s a win we are going to cherish for a little while,” grinned Fenson, a pizza restaurant owner from Bemidji, Mn.
“We figured we just had to hang on and keep playing as well as we could, and hope we get a miss or two out of them and then capitalize the best we could,” he added.
“We had full control of that game,” Ferbey fumed. “If they think they outplayed us and deserve to win that game, they have one thing coming. We just didn’t make enough shots in the last two or three ends.
“We just let that one slip away.”
Since 1990, Canada has played the U.S. 18 times at the world championship. The only two Canadian losses were by Ferbey in 2002 and this year.
In yesterday’s late draw, Finland’s Uusipaavalniemi handed Fenson his first lost with a 7-5 victory.
As well, Norway’s Pal Trulsen defeated Australian Hugh Millikin 9-5, Denmark’s Johnny Frederiksen routed Italy’s Stefano Ferronato 10-4, and Scotland’s David Murdoch suffered his first loss—9-4 to Switzerland’s Andreas Schwaller.
Scotland, the United States, Germany, and Norway are tied with 4-1 records after eight draws in the 12-team round-robin competition.
Canada, New Zealand, and Switzerland are tied at 3-2. Finland is 2-3, followed by Australia, Sweden, and Denmark at 1-4. Italy ia alone in last place with a 0-5 record.
Murdoch, a farmer from Lockerbie, is making his first appearance at the world championship but is playing with a veteran’s poise.
“I’m delighted,” he said. “We’ve practised hard for the world championship. We kind of expect to play some good curling and that’s what were doing right now.
“We’re having a lot of fun.”
Ferbey plays Denmark in this afternoon’s draw, then faces Norway tonight.