Families that Race Together… Stay Together

This season I would like to welcome all of the readers into the 3D Racing shop where my Dad (#28 Doug Derendorf) and myself (#80 Darren Derendorf) field two Emo Street Stocks weekly at the Emo Speedway. Doug is the veteran of the team with nearly 50 years of racing experience where I am still a relative rookie with only a few starts over the last four seasons. We are joined weekly by our two other team members and our biggest supporters my Mom and Doug’s wife Wendy and my wife Chantal, because every team needs a strong cheering section.

Father son duo Darren and Doug Derendorf will be hitting the track this season. – Submitted photo

After a hiatus from racing for about a decade, Doug jumped back in the driver seat for the Emo Fall Fair & Rea Memorial Race weekend in 2018 and has competed full time ever since. He was able to purchase a Turn-Key or fully prepared race car and to get straight into the racing action. The car has needed little work beyond the week to week maintenance over the last few years but after a couple of bigger on-track accidents it was time for a new car to be brought into the fold.

A matter of a few weeks after Doug bought his car an opportunity opened up for me to fulfill my childhood dream and become an actual race car driver. A rolling chassis (a car missing the motor and transmission but all other mechanical components are present) became available for purchase at an irresistible price, and I have wanted find my own path in racing and chose to learn how to work on race cars by my own trial and error, which has unfortunately resulted in one blown engine, four blown trans- missions, and I still have not finished a full night of racing yet. That elusive checkered flag is in my sights for this upcoming race season.

Every year the team sets out with a new set of goals and whether that be fighting for a Class Championship, or just finishing a race, both cars and the entire team are fully prepared. With the help of our sponsors, friends, and family both Doug and I are ready to start the season and battle all challengers together!