Emo Speedway finishes another season

So long, farewell, sayonara, thanks for coming out.
The Emo Speedway said goodbye Saturday night to yet another season of racing and when some of the drivers were asked about their favourite moments from the summer, there was no shortage of responses.
“Winning three features in a row was pretty exciting. That was a highlight of the year,” said Anthony Visser (MOD-B class).
“Saturday night feature race at the fair,” replied John Hettinga (Street class). “That would be the one because I won.”
“Every night is a good night, but the most memorable was getting the new car,” noted Jason Anderson (MOD-A). “Racing with my dad a couple of nights was also really memorable, and having my nephew with me.”
Ken Perry Sr. (Mini-Sprints) said his favourite memory was the second night of the Emo fair because of the fans they had out.
“That blew me away because that was the best crowd that I’ve seen in 10 years,” he added.
“Probably when I beat [Steve] Arpin,” said Joey Galloway (MOD-A). “That was a good night.
“I don’t know, it was weird,” he recalled. “I started up front, and I knew he was coming because he always does, and I was leading and I was waiting for him to come past me.
“I heard him a couple of times and then there was a caution [flag], and I figured that he’s right behind me because he showed me his nose on the re-start, and I knew he was going to go by me.
“After the re-start was done, they threw up the green flag and we came into the first turn and I saw his nose and then I started pulling away, so I was like whatever, and the white flag came out and still no Steve, and then checkered flag and still no Steve.
“I talked to him after and he said he just couldn’t catch me, I guess.”
“I had a lot of fun the whole year,” echoed Simon Crans (Streets). “I mean, there were a couple of breakdowns here and there, but we had a good time.
“We had some smashes and crashes and bashes, but it was a good time.”
“I had one feature win this year, so it would probably be that night,” Jeff Wickstrom (Streets) said of his favourite memory of 2004.
“It was a hard-fought win,” he noted. “It was a real rough night, there was a lot of yellow flags, and I managed to pull out a feature win from it.”
“Fair time was a good weekend. We had two good nights,” remarked Vic Larson (MOD-A). “We didn’t win points champion for it, but I think we had two good nights of racing.
“The car worked good and I think that was the most memorable of the season.”
“I don’t know. It’s been kind of an uneventful year, really,” noted Richard Visser (Streets). “I can’t think of any special things this year. It was kind of an average year.
“We had a few minor problems at the beginning of the year, and we got those straightened out and the year’s now over.”
Kenny Perry Jr. (Mini-Sprints) said there was not really any particular night that stood out as a favourite memory for him.
“It was a pretty even year. The best was actually last weekend when it was just me and dad out there,” he added. “Back and forth, back and forth. We were just messing around and it was the best fun I ever had.”
“The night I ran Chuck [Arpin’s] B-MOD,” said Ken Anderson (MOD-A). “I really enjoyed that because it was a nice fast car, easy to drive, and just lots of fun.”
“Managing to keep the car together for the whole race would be my favourite memory of this year,” recounted Darien Trimble (Streets). “I’ve had a lot of grief this year, more grief than enough.”
But Rob Rantallo (Streets) said nothing really stuck out in his mind.
“Just as long as we didn’t wreck or break anything every week was good,” he remarked. “We were consistent and always ran up with the leaders.
“No night really sticks out because if you look at the stats, we never won a feature. We were close every week, though.”
“Probably the highlight of my year would be when we got the lights working,” said Ron Korpi (MOD-A). “It was just a thrill to see all them lights come on and work.”
“Finishing the year in my son’s car, because I ran out of motors two or three weeks ago, so I just parked my car and he let me use his,” said Wes Morrisseau (Streets).
Bill Witherspoon (Streets) said his first feature win topped 2004.
“I can’t remember the dates, but I won two back-to-back weekends and it was great. And since then, my car hasn’t been the same,” he noted.
“Actually getting the car set-up to work, because I’ve only raced like six-eight races, so I’ve been fighting with it all the time,” said Hayes Huddleston (Streets).
“It’s a lot of fun when it works right, but it’s not much fun when it don’t,” he added.
See you guys next year.