District runners have big day

With pounding feet and racing hearts, a series of district racers hot-footed their way to some impressive showings at the Royal Canadian Legion Mid-Canada elementary school cross-country run Saturday in Thunder Bay.
Andrew Friesen, of the Sturgeon Creek Alternate Program (S.C.A.P.), had the best individual result of any competitor from this district—taking second in a field of 350-plus boys with a time of 12:50 in the 3.2-km event.
Michael Sande (J.W. Walker) was right behind Friesen for third in 13:15, just edging out Stefan Gerber (Sturgeon Creek), who made it three locals in the top five by taking fourth spot in 13:17.
Keith McTavish (Crossroads) also had an exceptional day on the course, bringing home an eighth-place result.
Sturgeon Creek finished fourth in the boys’ team event with 214 points while S.C.A.P. was fifth with 266.
Crossroads, J.W. Walker, and Robert Moore didn’t have enough runners to qualify for the team event, which was won by Bishop E.Q. Jennings from Thunder Bay (58 points).
The team event was based on the concept of individuals getting fewer points for their team the higher they placed.
In the girls’ competition, which also run over 3.2 km, Crossroads garnered 251 points to nail down fourth spot in the team competition, with Thunder Bay Christian School grabbing the overall title (131).
Erin Kremingh sparked Crossroads’ effort with her 13th-place finish while teammate Riley Nixon was 20th.
Here are the complete results for district runners from Saturday’s event (times are unavailable for those not in the top six):
< *c>Girls
•Erin Kremingh (Crossroads)—13th
•Riley Nixon (Crossroads)—20th
•Chelsea Craig (Crossroads)—40th
•Laura Richardson (Crossroads)—50th
•Lindsay Richardson (Crossroads)—53rd
•Shelby McDonald (Mine Centre)—73rd
•Shae-Lynn Smith (Crossroads)—75th
•Anika McTavish (Crossroads)—128th
•Sandra Monkhouse (Robert Moore)—155th
•Jasmine Smith (Crossroads)—164th
•Angel Nixon (Crossroads)—165th
< *c>Boys
•Andrew Friesen (S.C.A.P.)—2nd (12:50)
•Michael Sande (J.W. Walker)—3rd (13:15)
•Stefan Gerber (Sturgeon Creek)—4th (13:17)
•Keith McTavish (Crossroads)—8th
•Brandon Olsen (S.C.A.P.)—16th
•Jake McTavish (Crossroads)—17th
•Timo Brielmann (S.C.A.P.)—18th
•Talbot Johnson (Mine Centre)—20th
•Tyler Brusven (Sturgeon Creek)—21st
•Garnet Cornell, Crossroads—25th
•Ashe Woolsey (Sturgeon Creek)—29th
•Dirk Friesen (S.C.A.P.)—34th
•Justin Kozachenko (Sturgeon Creek)—48th
•Rodney Spencer (Mine Centre)—73rd
•Jason Angus (Crossroads)—84th
•Lucas Nussbaumer (S.C.A.P.)—90th
•Brandon McGinnis (Robert Moore)—93rd
•Marcus Veldhuisen (S.C.A.P.)—106th
•Brent George (Mine Centre)—128th
•Tyler Friesen (S.C.A.P.)—135th
•Rob Rae (Crossroards)—137th
•David McBride (S.C.A.P.)—143rd
•Justin Peters (S.C.A.P.)—148th
•Corey Henson (Mine Centre)—149th
•Marek Willemsen (J.W. Walker)—163rd
•Karl Johnson (Mine Centre)—167th
•Myles Morrison (Mine Centre)—217th
•Leslie Allen (Mine Centre)—233rd