Deadline extended for Kid/Pro tourney

The deadline to register for the annual Kid/Pro tourney, held in conjunction with the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship, has been extended until tomorrow, organizers said.
April Matheson, a summer student working for the FFCBC, said this morning that the deadline had to be extended this year because not enough young anglers had signed up by the June 30 date.
“Usually, we only have 20-something anglers in it. But this year, we had 42, along with some maybes, and found ourselves with more anglers than kids,” she remarked.
“At the end of the day [on June 30], we only had 34 kids.”^Matheson noted the FFCBC decided to extend the deadline to give those interested the chance to pair up with a pro angler and compete.
It also ensures that any drop-outs who weren’t able to attend the mandatory July 16 safety instruction session at the Ukrainian Hall could be replaced with those who could fulfill that requirement.
The Kid/Pro tourney will run Sunday, July 20 from 7 a.m.-2 p.m.
In related news, Matheson said there’s still quite a few spaces open for the annual kids’ paddleboat fishing tournament, which is open to youngsters aged five-15 and being held Friday, July 25 and Saturday, July 26 in conjunction with the bass tourney.
The derby will run in four flights—at 9 and 10:30 a.m. both days—with a current total of 12 paddleboats (two anglers to a boat) available to compete in each time slot.
Matheson noted the paddleboats are loaned to the FFCBC by local residents for the two-day period, adding that while the 12 likely will suffice, people still are welcome to loan more boats to accommodate more child anglers.
There is no registration fee for either the Kid/Pro or paddleboat derbies.
Those interested in either can sign up at the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce office (474 Scott St.) If you have any questions or want to lend a paddleboat, call Matheson at 274-0316.