Davis claims Modified Feature

Another week, another great night of racing.
Not only was the weather perfect, there were bike races during the intermission for the kids and prizes for every one of them.
The Modifieds had a very good feature race.
They had a bit of a faulty start with a crash in the second lap. Bill Witherspoon, Jake Kamm, and Keith Sether were the worst bruised of the bunch, but only the cars were wounded.
When the race actually began, it was a battle between Jason Anderson, Curtis Kamm, and Dwayne Pelepetz.
But Davis had other plans. Coming up fast, he passed Pelepetz and proceeded to move up to first. From there to the end of the race, it was war between Kamm, who refused to be passed, and Davis, who refused to be beaten.
Coming around the last lap, neck and neck, Davis managed to get passed Kamm and cross the line first. Kamm was in a very, very close second.
Third was another story. After Davis moved to second, Greg Ferris slipped into third and had to fend off everyone else to keep his title. He held on until the end and came in third, with Pelepetz in fourth.
The Midwest Modifieds feature race was a sight to behold indeed.
Not one caution and the boys decided in lap one exactly who was going to get first, second, third, and fourth.
They also made sure they spaced themselves out enough so the audience would know as well. Jason Sanderson was first, Len Allen came in second, Ron Westover snatched third, and Kendall Gamsby placed fourth. It was a good race and the boys get a pat on the back for their caution-free efforts.
The Street Stocks race was another caution free spectacle, but there was a little more fight to these guys.
The race began with a three-way battle between John Bosma, Ron Westover, and Richard Visser. Bosma and Westover were arguing over who should have first and Visser wanted in, too.
Westover finally took first and stayed there, but he couldn’t shake Bosma off his tail. Visser too was not far behind.
First was claimed by Westover with Bosma right behind him in second, and Visser in a close third. Fourth was a given for Chris Shine until he had car trouble and had to leave the track in the final lap. Tyler Wilson gladly took over for him.
All of the heats went very well with no catastrophes.
The Modifieds had a smaller turnout this week with only two heats.
Heat one ended with Jason Anderson in first, Curtis Kamm in second, and Keith Sether in third.
Heat two ended with Greg Ferris in first, Jamie Davis in second, and Dwayne Pelepetz in third.
The Midwest Modifieds heat one finished with Ron Westover in first, Jason Sanderson in second, and Mike Wilson in third.
Heat two finished with Gary Labine in first, Kendall Gamsby in second, and Ken Perry in third.
The Street Stocks heat one had Rob Ranttalo in first, Dean or Terry Martin in second, and Chris Shine in third.
Heat two had Ron Westover in first, Richard Visser in second, and Tyler Wilson in third.
•Feature—1. Jamie Davis 2. Curtis Kamm 3. Greg Ferris 4. Jason Anderson 5. Dwayne Pelepetz 6. Chad Johnson 7. Keith Sether 8. Rob Anderson 9. Ron Korpi 10. Jake Kamm 11. Denny Trimble
•Heat #1—1. J. Anderson 2. C. Kamm 3. Sether 4. Korpi
•Heat #2—1. Ferris 2. Davis 3. Pelepetz 4. J. Kamm 5. Trimble 6. Witherspoon
Midwest Modifieds
•Feature—1. Jason Sanderson 2. Gary Labine 3. Ron Westover 4. Kendall Gamsby 5. Ken Perry 6. Anthony Visser 7. Mathew Gamsby 8. Dan Rae 9. Travis Strachan 10. Mike Wilson
•Heat #1—1. Westover 2. Sanderson 3. Wilson 4. Jori Hughes 5. Strachan
•Heat #2—1. Labine 2. K. Gamsby 3. Perry 4. Rae
Street Stocks
•Feature—1. Ron Westover 2. John Bosma 3. Richard Visser 4. Tyler Wilson 5. Dean/Terry Martin
•Heat #1—1. Rob Ranttalo 2. D./T. Martin 3. Chris Shine 4. Carly Bosma
•Heat #2—1. Westover 2. Visser 3. Wilson 4. Hayes Huddleson 5. Andrew Trimble