Crowe wins Onigaming tourney

After 45 holes were played at the first-annual Onigaming tournament at Heron Landing on Couchiching over the weekend, Bob Crowe was proclaimed the winner by two strokes.
Crowe, who sports a three handicap, said he played steady and “hung in there and that’s about all I did” as he topped the 48-player field.
“It was hot and it was a really long day, but I played well yesterday [Saturday],” said Crowe, who carded a 115 over 27 holes on Saturday and then an 83 over the final 18 on Sunday for a 198 total.
“I hit the ball well,” said the 44-year-old. “The greens were a lot faster and the pins were tough, [but] it’s a lot of fun when it’s like that.”
Things looked good after Saturday’s play as Crowe led by five strokes. But Jeromy Wensley kept scraping away and made things interesting after shooting a 38 in the front nine yesterday.
“I caught him,” said Wensley.
But then came the 10th hole, which is one of the toughest at Heron Landing.
“I made an eight and he [Crowe] made a five and then [on the 11th hole], he made a two and I made a four and that’s where I lost it,” said Wensley, 26.
Though he played “not bad,” Wensley, who only has been playing for seven years and has a seven handicap, “wanted to win, but what can you do?”
Wensley enjoys playing at the Heron Landing, which is known for the challenges it presents, but he says that’s the only way to get better.
“Here, you’ve got to play an assortment of different shots. It’s a fun course because it’s challenging,” added Wensley, who is a member at the Kitchen Creek golf course.
“This is a lot nicer of a course. I like playing here more than at Kitchen Creek, but the problem is that nobody plays over here because all the games are at Kitchen Creek,” noted Wensley, who will be playing in the annual Kitchen Creek Classic this coming weekend.
“It makes everybody better when you’ve got a golf course like this,” agreed Crowe. “You’ve got to hit such a variety of shots. You hit every club in the bag.
“And it’s just beautiful here,” Crowe added of the golf course that has been nominated as the best new course in Canada by Golf Digest (the winner will be named next summer).
Here are the top finishers from the tournament:
< *c>Men’s First Flight
Champion—Bob Crowe (198)
2. Jeromy Wensley (200)
3. Jay Hill (201)
< *c>Second Flight
1. Glenn Cameron (215)
2. Dave Paul (228)
3. Bruce Kelly (232)
< *c>Third Flight
1. Jon Bob (237)
2. Joe Jack (251)
3. Doug Sinclair (236)
< *c>Women’s First Flight
1. Jean Dick (225)
T2. Virginia Chicago (240)
T2. Jodi Judd (240)
3. Laureen Hill (246)
< *c>Second Flight
1. Jackie Cameron (254)
2. Janet Bob (260)
3. Diane Cobiness (281)
< *c>Senior First Flight
1. George Boyd (200)
2. Ed Copenace (215)
3. Ed Copenace (214)
< *c>Second Flight
1. Ron Kelly Sr. (244)
2. Al Handorgan (252)
3. Delford Bob (258)