Crossroads dominates cross-country run

There was no place like home turf for cross-country runners from Crossroads School in Devlin last week.
Crossroads hosted the annual Rainy River District Cross-Country Race last Wednesday, with six runners topping their respective divisions as well as taking six team awards.
It was the second-straight year Crossroads has hosted the three-km race, which attracted the top runners from each district school. And once again it featured another strong field, organizers said.
Each school from the district now has the chance to send their top 10 runners in the boys’ and girls’ divisions to the 28th-annual Royal Canadian Legion Elementary Run at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay on Oct. 23.
Crossroads will be looking to defend its girls’ team title there this year.
The top six in each division, and the team winners, from last Wednesday were:
< *c>Grade four boys
1. Andrew Friesen (Sturgeon Creek Alternative)
2. Riley Caul (Crossroads)
3. Jordan Davis (Crossroads)
4. Scott Barker (Crossroads)
5. Michael Sande (J.W. Walker)
6. Garnet Cornell (Crossroads)
< *c>Team results
1. Crossroads I
2. Sturgeon Creek
3. Robert Moore
4. Crossroads II
5. J. W. Walker
< *c>Grade four girls
1. Shannon Darby (Crossroads)
2. Rachel Dutton (Huffman)
3. Brittney Galusha (J.W.Walker)
4. Lauren Pierce (Robert Moore)
5. Caitlyn Johnson (Mine Centre)
6. Emily Potson (Mine Centre)
< *c>Team results
1. Crossroads
< *c>Grade five boys
1. Boyd Badiuk (St. Francis)
2. Tyler Johnson (Mine Centre)
3. Keith Kabatay (Mine Centre)
4. Sean Love (Mine Centre)
5. Matthew Gallinger (Sturgeon Creek)
6. Tyler Miller (St. Francis)
< *c>Team results
1. St Francis
2. Robert Moore
3. Crossroads
< *c>Grade five girls
1. Sandy Elliot (Huffman)
2. Brittnay Hayes (Robert Moore)
3. Erin Kaemingh (Crossroads)
4. Sarah Caul (Sturgeon Creek)
5. Ashley Smith (Crossroads)
6. Natalie Cain (Robert Moore)
< *c>Team results
No teams entered
< *c>Grade six boys
1. Mitchell Leonard (Crossroads)
2. Trevor Barker (Crossroads)
3. Tyson Caul (Sturgeon Creek)
4. Nathan Debungee (Our Lady of the Way)
5. Kevin Empey (Crossroads)
6. Austin Zin (St. Francis)
< *c>Team results
1. Crossroads
2. Robert Moore
3. St. Francis/Sturgeon Creek (tie)
< *c>Grade six girls
1. Katie McTavish (Crossroads)
2. Michelle Beck (Crossroads)
3. Natalie Desjardins (St. Francis)
4. Teresa Smith (Crossroads)
5. Desiree Smith (Crossroads)
6. Rebecca Witherspoon (Crossroads)
< *c>Team results
1. Crossroads
2. St. Francis
< *c>Grade seven boys
1. Michael Spencer (Mine Centre)
2. David Fagerdahl (Robert Moore)
3. Angus Melrose (Mine Centre)
4. Shaun Egan (St. Francis)
5. Craig McTavish (Crossroads)
6. David Pierce (Robert Moore)
< *c>Team results
1. St. Francis
2. Crossroads
< *c>Grade seven girls
1. Natasha Leonard (Crossroads)
2. Ashley Potson (Mine Centre)
3. Kim Councillor (Crossroads)
4. Sierra Woolsey (Sturgeon Creek)
5. Jennifer Geense (J.W.Walker)
< *c>Team results
1. Crossroads
< *c>Grade eight boys
1. Tyler Barker (Crossroads)
2. Matthew Smith (Our Lady of the Way)
3. Andrew Mueller (St. Francis)
4. Matthew Neilson (Sturgeon Creek)
5. Tanner Kaemingh (Donald Young)
6. Dylan Glesby (Robert Moore)
< *c>Team results
1. Robert Moore
< *c>Grade eight girls
1. Brandy Hyatt (Crossroads)
2. Darcy Smith (Crossroads)
3. Sabine Gerber (J.W.Walker)
4. Heather Dutton (Robert Moore)
5. Sara Barton (St. Francis)
6. Kerry Hyatt (Crossroads)
< *c>Team results
1. Crossroads
2. St. Francis