Cross-country canoeists making stop here


After paddling more than 2,900 km from the Rocky Mountains, four “voyageurs” will park their canoe here today for a re-supply and communications stop.
Back on May 1, Hugo Kitching, Dana Fountain, Peter Gorman, and Pascal Landa began a 130-day journey to retrace the paths of the voyageurs from the Rockies to the former North West Company headquarters in Montreal.
The journey has been filled with both physical and psychological challenges, much of which Landa has recorded on the group’s website,
Along with exploring their country through the nation’s historic waterways, the group is hoping to raise money and awareness for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.
Following their stop here, the foursome will continue across Rainy Lake before paddling through Lacs Des Deux-Montagnes and finishing the route in Montreal.