Couple tops in paintball

Press Release

The battlegrounds at Spirit Fire Park in Devlin again rang out with the shots of .68 calibre paintball fire on June 26.
Once the smoke cleared, one team stood above the rest.
Don Patterson and Logan Morneau are the 2010 mixed couple champions!
Second place went to Eric Keast and Abbi Perreault, with Joe Carlson and Tina Smith capturing third.
All of the teams played several varied missions, including capture the flag, fortress defence, and speedball.
Weather was the main factor for the low numbers of teams this year.
With June’s weather being erratic at best, many teams waited until the day of the tournament to register—and some teams were a no-show.
“Every year, our biggest struggle is the Rainy River weather,” quipped organizer Joe Carlson.
“The big joke is that if you don’t like the weather, wait a couple hours,” he laughed.
Low-hanging clouds and low numbers did little to dampen the event’s enthusiasm, however, and all competitors had a great time.
The evening wrapped up with Yowza Music Services providing entertainment well into the night.
This month’s tournament is slated for July 24 and will square off teams of five on the woodsball court.
Invitations are being sent out to Winnipeg and Thunder Bay, but organizers are hoping to see several teams from Rainy River District enter, too.
Anyone interested in registering a team, or who would like more information, can call 276-2804 or visit