Construction of Morson golf course ahead of schedule

This time next year there will lots of people yelling “Fore!” at Spruce Creek Golf Course, just south of Morson.
Work on the nine hole course is ahead of schedule thanks to the good weather this summer and course architect Dave Grant couldn’t be more pleased with the way things have gone. Grant, who owns specialized architecture firm, Grant Golf, out of Winnipeg, Man., said the course is not going to be a really simple one to play, but noted the difficulty is dictated mainly by where it is built.
“We use the lay of the land. In other words let Mother Nature dictate the course’s difficulty,” said Grant. The course has been carved into land just east of Hwy. 621, on Hwy. 619. It will be a par 36 course and features some rugged rock faces as part of the course, as well as a pond to hit over right on the first hole. The pond will do double-duty. In addition to being an obstacle for golfers, it will also serve as the main source for irrigating the course. “The irrigation team will be here next week,” said Grant.
All the greens and tees have been built and just about all the fairway
shaping is complete. “If all goes well we hope to be seeding the course next month,” explained Grant.
At a cost of about $100,000 per hole to construct, Grant said golfers will
be pleased with the challenge the course will offer. He has worked on
courses as well reviewed as The Meadows at East St. Paul, Man., Grand Pines near Grand Beach in Man., and Lake of the Prairie near Roblin, Man.
He has also worked on courses in Neepawa and Minnedosa, MB. and recently was doing some consulting work at Kitchen Creek in Fort Frances. Spruce Creek will run a golfer about 3,400 yards from the blue tee box. Holes two and six are the longest at 561 and 507 from the blue tee.
Hole overview
Par 4
Blue tee: 388 yards
White: 368
Red: 314
Blue tee box starts with a hazard in the immediate forefront of the hole; a big pond. The hole doglegs to the left. Sand traps and rock outcrops are featured at the bend and behind the green.
Par 5
Blue: 561
White: 524
Red: 314
This is the longest hole on the course and features a bend to the left, not as dramatic as on one, but there none the less. Near the green the challenge will be to avoid sand traps on both sides of the fairway as well as mature trees on the north side.
Par 3
Blue: 194
White: 174
Red: 171
From long to short. This is the second shortest hole on the course and has trees on both sides as well as sand traps on two sides of the green.
Par 4
Blue: 398
White: 381
Red: 316
This hole will sometimes have water as an obstacle, depending on rainfall as there is a natural catch basin at the beginning of it. It jags left and has both trees and sand traps at the bend to contend with.
Par 4
Blue: 321
White: 302
Red: 262
This hole will prove to be challenging with a bend that sees a huge sand trap in the middle of the yardage, making it tough for golfers to get the ball by the bend.
Par 5
Blue: 507
White: 487
Red: 426
Getting to this hole can be both exciting and filling. The cart path from
five takes golfers over a hill that features both rocks and wild blue
berries and raspberries. The back tee box also features an excellent view as one tees off from the top of the hill.
Par 3
Blue: 158
White: 137
Red: 113
This short hole features a small green with large sand traps around it.
Par 4
Blue: 434
White: 413
Red: 355
This hole bends right and has several sand traps at the bend and green to contend with.
Par 4
Blue: 455
White: 438
Red: 415
This hole has a sand trap right in the middle of the fairway and then on
both sides just before the green. Both owners of the course, Ken and Laurie Pentney, are very excited about how the project is coming. They completed the driving range last summer and it is open for the public to come and use now. They hope to open the entire course next summer.
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