Coaches save Muskie ‘B’ program

After threatening to cancel the program last week due to a lack of coaches, the Muskie ‘B’ football team will go ahead as scheduled with its first practice Thursday from 6-8 p.m. at Westfort.
Bob Swing, head coach of the senior squad, said he was “pleased” with the response received to a plea for more coaches for the upcoming season.
Swing said they now have between eight to 10 coaches but added they have yet to name a head coach. Last year’s head coach was Bob Fryer but he is unable to hold that same position this year due to health problems.
“We’re going to have the coaches mull it over and decide if we will have a head coach or have a combination of coaches,” Swing noted this morning.
“One coach might take the duties of administration while the other might take control of the offence and defence,” he said.
Players are asked to bring appropriate running gear (sweats, shorts, and running shoes) for the non-contact practice Thursday. Swing said anyone with questions about the squad are asked to show up at 6 p.m.
The team once again will play an exhibition schedule against Minnesota teams using American football rules.
Meanwhile, Swing still envisions a ‘C’ program designed for players in grades seven and eight. The idea is to allow the younger players more of a chance to play during their first few years of organized football.
But Swing admitted the idea is still in its infancy.
“It’s still a pretty viable option for the future because there’s still guys out there that I know could help out,” he said. “Once we get the guys out and give them some time, we’ll then get together in the winter and discuss the possibilities.”
A reminder the Muskie senior squad opens its season this Saturday at noon at Westfort with an exhibition game against the St. Paul’s Crusaders of Winnipeg.