Chambers measuring up for local hunters

Dale Chambers is grabbing the bull by the horns, so to speak.
In an effort to showcase the area’s wildlife, the local hunting enthusiast now is offering his talents to
measure and score animals free of charge for potential North American Big Game Trophies.
He’s confident measuring these animals can only help promote hunting here in the area.
“Hunting here is huge. What I’m concerned with is to measure the animals and show the quality of hunting and the healthy herd of deer, moose, and bear we have here,” said Chambers, explaining why he became interested in measuring.
“I don’t do it for any money. I just do it for the fun of it,” he added.
He became accredited in measuring animals at a four-day
workshop in New York back in July, and now is a member of the prestigious Boone & Crockett Conservation Club based out of Montana.
“They’re number one in North America and if you can measure for them, you can measure for anyone,” he enthused, adding the size of moose and deer antlers indicates the health of the animal.
He felt Northwestern Ontario was an “unexplored haven” for hunters–a fact he said could only help the tourism industry.
“Saskatchewan probably tripled their tourism when they got a world
record,” he pointed out, adding the potential for recognizing the quality of hunting here could be found in the ability to measure big game trophies that later can be shown in record books.
“We can’t be recognized for our great outdoors if we don’t have the
measurers,” he said, adding he has the potential to measure 35 different species of animals.
Hunters wishing to have their animals measured can contact Chambers at his residence at 274-7844.