Cash calendar winners

Lillian Pearson (Fort Frances) and Colette Cameron (Noelville, Ont.) won the $100 up for grabs for Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, respectively, in the Rainy River Distrit Mutual Aid Association’s weekly cash calendar draw.
Winning $30 for Nov. 25-Dec. 1 were Judi Jarvis (Atikokan), Bryan Kelly (Devlin), Betty Leitner (Atikokan), Bev Cameron (Atikokan), Jim Hudson (Fort Frances), Garrett Asselin and Angie McQuaker (Pinewood), and the G. Hartlin family (Emo).
Winning $30 for Dec. 2-8 were Russell Paterson (Fort Frances), Peter West (Fort Frances), Hugh and Robin Dennis (Fort Frances), Gordon Knowles (Atikokan), Myles Morrison (Vermilion Bay), Hank Calder (Fort Frances), and Donna Homeniuk (Fort Frances).