Carter named co-captain of Bemidji State soccer team

Former Muskie star Hannah Carter has been voted one of the three co-captains of the Bemidji State Beavers women’s soccer team this year.
Carter, a freshman with Bemidji, said she was surprised with her selection as a captain, which was voted on by her teammates. And she admitted to being excited–and nervous–about making her collegiate debut tomorrow against St. Scholastica.
Carter has been pencilled in as the starting sweeper on a team currently ranked in the top four of the NISC Division II.
“I already have butterflies in my stomach,” she quipped, adding she has noticed a difference between NorWOSSA and U.S. college soccer. “The difference here is that we make short, controlled passes to make plays.”
Up here is more of a kick-and-chase, give-the-ball-to-the-wingers style.
Carter, who is majoring in phys. ed. with a minor in science, said the team has been practising for the past two weeks, which has included weight training and cardiovascular exercises.
And despite being the only player from Canada, she has fit in well with her new American teammates.
“The girls have been really nice and they’re a lot of fun,” enthused Carter, who was Fort High’s female athlete of the year last season after starring in soccer, basketball, and volleyball with the black-and-gold.
Carter will be trying to help to turn around a lacklustre soccer program at Bemidji State, which has just one win in its three years of existence in intercollegiate competition.