Canada Day Celebrations at the Emo Speedway

By Darren Derendorf
Staff writer/sales

With activities all day, an extra class of cars all weekend and fireworks both on and off the track there was something for everyone this week at the Emo Speedway.

The weekend started off with several Canada Day events to keep the family entertained, and just as those began to wind down the drivers from the Emo Street Stocks, Wissota Midwest Modifieds, the Wissota Modifieds and visiting Hornets all began to heat up the cool evening air. With the Township of Emo providing the fireworks for Friday night, most drivers minded their Ps and Qs, however they brought the fireworks come Saturday night with the weekend overall points championship on the line.

In the first heat Friday, Garett Gamsby and the #33 car showed he would be a contender all weekend with a hard fought battle nearly all race long with #55 Tylar Wilson but with one lap to go Gamsby was able to build a small lead over Wilson for the win. In the second heat the first cautions of the night flew for first time visitors to the speedway this season #38, Steve Bruyere and the #12 of David Caruk for single cars spins. Finding his way from 4th to 1st the #86 of Kevin Desserre was able to find his way through the melee and earn his first race win at the Emo Speedway. Come the feature all the drivers were fighting for any position on track, to the point that bumpers became involved with the #28 of Doug Derendorf being spun around on the bright green nose of the #24T of Lyle Thompson. As the racing resumed Caruk found his way to the lead and was able to hold off all challengers until Gamsby made a small mistake in the turn and spun out causing the second caution of the race. After the final restart Wilson had found an advantage on Caruk and was able to keep close until running into one of the infield tractors which opened the door for the #15R of Raice Westover to sneak past both Wilson and Caruk and win the first feature race of the weekend.

On Saturday night in the first heat Wilson was able use his pole position to his advantage and take home an easy win. Throughout the rest of the field all of the drivers kept to themselves waiting for the pay window to open in the feature race. In the second heat race the #54 of Dean Kellar and Caruk were able to quickly find their way to the front of the field where they remained the rest of the race to battle for the win, with Kellar claiming the victory. In the feature race the action swas forced to slow within the first couple of laps for a single car spin by Desserre which most of the field was able to get past without damage. As the racing resumed a heated battle between Wilson and Westover began that would last through to the end of the race. Near the halfway point the racing was forced to slow again for another single car spin, and as the last green flag flew Westover was able to yet again best the #55 and take the second feature win of the weekend.

Overall Points Champion – #15R Raice Westover

With a season high 25 Wissota Midwest Modifieds on hand there was sure to be a lot of going on all weekend from the class of cars. Throughout the heat races on Friday most of the cars were able to keep their noses clean waiting for the big payday at the end of the night, but with so many cars in attendance a B Main was scheduled to help set the field for the feature. Depending on who you are fortunately for the #24 of Cory Randle, the #3X of Jesse Thompson, the #23 of Carter Kinnear and the #25 of Jaxon Strachan because they were the only drivers to line up and only 4 cars would have advanced the all made with feature without have to turn a lap. In the feature race the #14C of Cody Ossachuk was able to make the most of his pole starting position until the #16 of Garrett Paull was able to work his way up from midfield and begin to challenge for first place. As the race wore on the #97 of Brody Strachan was able to get into the mix and steal the lead away for a few laps. With only a few laps remain there was a small pileup in turn 2 as 3 cars slid into each other suffering some damage and only one of the cars continuing to the checkered flag. As the racing action resumed Paull was able to flex his muscle and take the lead all the way to the end of the race.

On Saturday night the slick track conditions became more evident as more drivers were beginning to fight handling issues. It became evident in the first heat as the #67 of Glen Brown and the #97 of Rob Eves both had multiple spins but only causing one caution each. In the second heat rookie from Thunder Bay in the #89 Colby Reed also had a spin but collected the #09 of Matthew Chatyrbok but both vehicles were able to continue to the finish. With 1 car not able to continue to the racing action there was no need for a B Main so the whole field of driver’s would make the feature. On the start of the race there was a feeling of deja vu as Ossachuk and Paull began fighting for the win until the #86 of Kevin Desserre spun and brought out the first caution. As the old saying goes cautions breed cautions, and that was the case Saturday as after the first caution there was another four for small spins. As the laps wound down there was a large pile up headed into turn one involving five cars who were all hooked together. As the dust began to settle and 8 drivers were forced to retire, a new contender found his way to the front of the field, the #4B of Brandon Rehill. And on the final restart Rehill earned his second feature win of the season.

Overall Points Champion – TIED – #16 Garrett Paull and #4B Brandon Rehill

As the Wissota Modifieds took to the track all the drivers chose to keep things clean through the heat races with the #21 of Matt DePiero using his pole start to take an easy heat win. Farther back in the pack the #99 of Brody Strachan was the hard charger racing from 7th place uop to 3rd in just 10 laps. Int he second heat race the #621 of Colin Chaschuk was able to get a great launch and jump to the lead from 4th place where he was able to ride out the end of the race. Come time for the feature race the race gods began smiling on DePiero as he was starting on the pole position again, and he was able to hold off all challengers to score his first feature win of the season. As the race wore on DePiero had to hold off a hard charging Jeff Davis in the #85 and Strachan both struggling to find a lane or a run to try and get past DePiero. Towards the end of the race Chaschuk spun in the middle of turns 1 & 2 and collected several other cars forcing all to the pits with 2 cars taking significant enough damage that they did not return for Saturday.

On Saturday the Wissota Modified rookie the #06 of Mike Wilson was able to use a great starting spot and score his first win of the season. Farther back in the pack the #4A of Dawson Allen was fighting an ill handling race car but was able to get the car straightened out and continue on without a caution giving the fans a chance to enjoy non stop racing action. In the second heat Chaschuk continued his early evening winning ways by taking another heat race win. In the feature race the #4JR of Cameron Brown made the most of his 1st place starting spot by getting an amazing jump on the start of the race and eventually gaining more than a half a straightaway lead. With such slick conditions and a fair amount of carnage the night before all the drivers were working to just keep all the panels on their cars. As the white flag flew the #66X of Denny Trimble spun in the middle of turn two and the officials were forced to throw the yellow flag. With one last chance to catch the leader Brown, all the drivers made one last push to pass but were unable to complete the pass in time, and to celebrate Brown performed some smokey donuts on the hard rubbered up racing surface to celebrate his first feature win of the season.

Overall Points Champion – #21 Matt DePiero

As a special memorial weekend treat the Hornets from Thunder Bay, Winnipeg and Kenora joined in on the racing action for the weekend. In the first heat race the #4B of Brandon Rehill got into a heated battle with the #28 of Brodie Mcgowan for the first position. But as the laps wore on the #88 of Trevor Lane was able to work his way from a 7th place start to battle for the lead as the laps wound down. As the white flag waved Lane was searching for a lane past Mcgowan but was not able to complete the pass giving Mcgowan the feature win. In the feature, Lane had a much better start in the 3rd position and was able to fight with Mcgowan and the #33 of Jake Mazur for the lead Nearing the midway point the #177 of Dustin Alcock spun into the infield and was unable to finish the race. As the final green flag of the night flew Mcgowan tried everything he could to find his way past Lane, but Lane had found the right lane and was unstoppable taking his first feature win at the Emo Speedway.

On Saturday the #17 of Kamea Mulholland made the most of her 1st place starting spot and was able to hold off most of the field but with another great starting spot Lane was able to work his was past early and defend his starting spot. Kamea made several attempts to pass but wasn’t able to find a way past Lane. Father back in the back Rehill handed the steering wheel to Kyle Swaffer to try and gain some racing experience, Swaffer was able to keep up with the field for most of the race until he spun and caused the only caution of the race. Despite the late caution Lane was able to hold off Kamea and Mazur for the heat race win. Come time for the feature race the class of the field were showing up again as the pay window began to open. Lane and Mcgowan were able to battle through the race with Mcgowan holding the lead for the majority of the race but with only a handful of laps left Lane put the bumper to Mcgowan and opened the door wide to race past. Farther back in the pack the #9E of Cameron Ellis had a chance to see how all the drivers were racing on the track as he raced up to 3rd early but found himself in the fluff on the high line and fell back to 7th place for a few laps. He was able to race his way back to 4th for a hard fought and respectable finish.

The Borderland Racing Association would like to thank Sunset Country Ford and McDonald’s Restaurant for sponsoring the racing action this week as well as McDonald’s Restaurant, Westside Bait & Tackle, Circle D Restaurant, Tonttu Creations, Batter and Cream Baking Co., Superior Oil Change, the Harbourage, Emo Feeds, and the Fort Frances Museum for donating prizes