Bridgeman rink wins M.E.C. ’spiel

The annual M.E.C. bonspiel took place last weekend at the Fort Frances Curling Club, with the Ron Bridgeman rink winning the ‘A’ event.
His team included Diane Ross, Gary Cousinear, and Ron Mondor.
Taking second place in the ‘A’ event was the Ron McLeod rink (also including Becky Robinson, Joc Damier, and Frankie Walsh), followed by Sandra Tibbs (Sean Ossachuk, Heather Wensley, and Ralph Lahti) and Kevin Watts (Jenna Enge, Margitta McLeod, and Kevin Penney).
Meanwhile, John Brunetta’s rink, which also featured Diane Pattison, Frank Strain, and Paul Neurinski, took top honours in the ‘B’ event.
Taking second place in the ‘B’ event was the Brian Gaylord rink (also including Butch Wensley, Susan Neurinski, and Paul Astle), followed by Ed Vold (Bonnie Broman, Andrea Avis, and Len Allan) and Robert Schulz (Wade Bell, Roksana Randeree, and Penny Hutton).
Jeannette Easton and her team of Cory Labbe, Steve Bazinet, and Rick Gruttner topped the ‘C’ event, with the Nettie Kaufmann rink (Bruce Nicols, Donna Penny, and Dave Starling) finishing second.
And the ‘D’ event was captured by the Mark Broman rink (Teresa McFayden, Bill Enge, and Jim Kibiuk), with Dave Whalen (Rick Macedon, Joanne Spence, and Clint Pidlubny) in second.