Border Skating Club shines at competition

Press Release

Local results from the Sunset Regional Interclub figure skating competition held in Sioux Lookout were as follows:
CanSkate Event 6—Marita Matias (1st);
Preliminary Solo Dance—Makala Matias (1st);
Senior Silver Solo Dance—Alexa Kadikoff (2nd);
Pre-Introductory Elements Group 2—Jayde Wright (2nd);
Introductory Elements Group 1—Mikala Matias (2nd);
Pre-Preliminary Elements Group 1—Emma Keeler (1st);
Preliminary Elements Group 1—Joleigh Hayes (1st) and Avery Wilson-Hands (3rd);
Preliminary Elements Group 2—Christine Cridland (2nd);
Junior Bronze Elements—Kiela Ford (2nd);
Junior Silver Elements—Michael Nelson (1st);
Pre-Preliminary Jumps—Emma Keeler (1st), Jayde Wright (5th);
Preliminary Jumps—Christine Cridland (4th);
Junior Bronze Jumps—Chloe Hudson (1st), Alexa Kadikoff (2nd), and Jenna Wilson (3rd);
Senior Bronze Jumps—Jillian Bobczynski (1st), Michael Nelson (2nd), and Sophie Potvin-Begin (3rd);
Pre-Introductory Spins Group 2—Jayde Wright (2nd);
Pre-Introductory Spins Group 3—Rachel Service (1st);
Junior Bronze Spins—Jenna Wilson (1st);
Senior Bronze Spins—Chloe Hudson (3rd);
Junior Silver Spins—Jillian Bobczynski (1st);
Pre-Introductory Free Skate Group 3—Rachel Service (4th);
Introductory Free Skate Group 2—Mikala Matias (1st);
Pre-Preliminary Skate Free Group 2—Emma Keeler (1st);
Preliminary Free Skate Group 1—Avery Wilson-Hands (2nd);
Preliminary Free Skate Group 2—Joleigh Hayes (1st);
Preliminary Free Skate Group 3—Christine Cridland (1st);
Junior Bronze Free Skate Group 1—Jenna Wilson (1st) and Chloe Hudson (3rd);
Junior Bronze Free Skate Group 2—Alexa Kadikoff (2nd) and Kiela Ford (3rd);
Open Competitive Free Skate —Michael Nelson (2nd), Jillian Bobczynski (3rd), and Sophie Potvin-Begin (4th);
Pre-Introductory Interpretive Group 1—Avery Wilson-Hands (1st);
Pre-Introductory Interpretive Group 2—Joleigh Hayes (2nd); and
Silver Interpretive—Kiela Ford (5th)