Big weights possible at tourney

Dan Falloon

The 10th-annual “Castin’ for Cash” bass tournament kicked off this morning from Lake Despair Lodge with a full field of 68 teams.
Organizer Bill Godin said anglers reported hauling in some good-sized fish during pre-fishing.
If they can do the same over the two-day tournament, the overall weights could be impressive.
“[They’ve] caught some really big bass pre-fishing, so I’m hoping to see some good weights,” Godin enthused.
“Ralph [Galusha] has been catching some good-sized fish,” he noted.
“Jeff Gustafson had a pretty good pre-fish, he said, from only one day out pre-fishing,” Godin added.
Historically, “Castin’ for Cash” hasn’t seen particularly stunning weights, with Gustafson and partner August Collinson setting the two-day record back in 2008 with 29.03 pounds.
“It’s not really big weights here,” Godin explained. “One of these times, we’ll crack 30 [pounds], I think.
“This could be the year.”
But with water levels on Lake Despair about 10 inches above normal, Godin said that could throw a wrench into some plans.
“The high water and fast current might make things a little different for them,” he remarked.
Angler Matt Redford said the catches have been decent in his time on the water leading up to the tournament.
“I’ve been out a couple times this past week at night, and we’ve caught a few,” he noted last night.
“We’re going to give it our best shot tomorrow [Friday].”
Redford noted “Castin’ for Cash” comes with a different set of challenges than the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship as the old real estate adage—location, location, location—comes into play given the relatively limited area to try to find success.
“Fishing-wise, it’s a lot harder because there’s so many teams and less area to fish,” Redford said.
“They’re always in the same spot it seems for the Despair tournament, but on Rainy Lake, they’re just all over.
“Despair, there’s very few so you just try to hit what you can,” he reasoned.